Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Barzillai Was a Very Old Guy

(2 Sam. 19)

Barzillai was a very old guy
Said, “Why should I cross over?
I don’t want to be a burden to the king! (35)
Go on and do your own thing.
Eighty years old, don’t know up from down.
Can’t taste what I eat or even fool around.
I need to go home and die in the city (37)
Near some kinfolk who might have some pity
But I’ll give you Chimham to give you help.
If you got a need, just give him a yelp!”
“Well alright!” said he, “Cross the river with me!
I will do for him what is right in your sight!” (38)
The people crossed over and king did too (39)
But it made the men of Israel quite jealous (41)
So the boys of Judah said, “What’s it to yah?” (42)
“Well, we got ten parts in the king!
A real claim, not just a play thing.”(43)
But those boys from Judah were rude!
Said, “Too bad!  Deal with it, dude!”

A.m. on 4 Aug., 2021

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