Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Fuggers Back in Germany

Back when the Fuggers were in Babenhausen
Marrying with a lot of class within their class,
They were earning those ducats in the day
Leading in a mighty capital way
And quite prosperously one can say.
But you always got to remember,
Whether  January, June or  December
No matter what time of your life
Or what might be the mood of your wife,
You got to figure out what’s right
And do it with all your might!
Don’t worry about making all those bucks:
Buying cars, houses, and trucks.
You need lots less than you think!
You are always living on the brink,
When your life can come to a close,
And you don’t want that hose
Cleaning you up in hell or purgatory.
You got to buck up and write your own story
And let Him bring you any glory.

1400 on 8 July 2021

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