Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Passing of Linda Bray

I heard this day of the passing of Linda Bray
A cousin of mine living far away,
One I knew nothing of but that she was there
In New Jersey with other distant kin.
Never lived there with those cousins,
Ghiglias and plenty of dozens.
Whoops!  That was a happy mistake!
Just heard that this news is fake
The girl is just in the hospital reposing
Overcoming some overdosing
Of some germs that travel the earth
Tormenting us all since birth
Well thank God!  That’s welcome news!
Didn’t want THAT girl to lose!
Those Brays are a great contribution
To a nation in need of a solution,
Not to pollution or “over-population,”
But to perversion and degradation

1 July, 2021
Written upon hearing the “news” in the a.m.
(Mistake!  She is just sick. Thank God! 12:22)

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