Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Amnon Was A Bad, Bad Boy

2 Sam. 13

Amnon was a bad, bad boy
Thinking he could be all coy
Getting’ in on with Absalom’s sister.
And it turned out down right sinister!
Jonadab had a plan for him to get Tamar
Said, “Lie down and pretend to be ill.
Set yourself up for an amorous thrill.
When your dad says, ‘What’s with you?’
You tell him just what to do!
You say, ‘Bring that Tamar tome.
I need some care, maybe some tea.'”
Amnon called on Tamar, asked for some cake.
(He was nothin’ but a nasty fake!)
“Come, lie with me sister,” he said to her.
“No!” said she, “Don’t violate me!
They don’t do this in Israel. Don’t ya see?
Where would I dispose of my reproach?
You need to find yourself a coach!”
But Tamar failed to convince this fool.
Kept on with his lust and his drool.
When he had his fun and was done
He hated her and sent her on the run
Said to her, “Get up and go away!
I got nothin’ more to say.”
Yeah, Amnon was a bad, bad jerk
Treated that sex like nothin’ but a perk.

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