Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Child Production (Family Matters)

Moof, Honas, and Picalou
What you think you gonna do?
Got those three, not all about me;
You got to have some more!
Leave it to Him to open that door;
You say those children are a gift,
Don’t allow in your doctrine a rift.
Give a rip; let ’em keep on comin’;
From joy, you don’t want to be runnin’!
You’ll have plenty of time for yourself;
Got to put your feelings on the shelf.
In the nursing home when your mate is dead
And all your past bubblin’ in your head,
You can gather your thoughts together
And sort out the world along with the weather.
So you took  a little rest
And continued right on with that Bess
You got to have some Perseverance
And pray for that day of deliverance
Ike and Alethea will bring some help to you
When there’s no more Mercy comin’ through
We can talk about a girl, Nicea
An illustration of onomatopoeia
And when you’re finally feeling dandy
Along comes a rowdy Gethsemane
And the end was more than an etcetera
A real fine lady is our Petra.

1200 on 17 June, 2021

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