Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tchaikovsky Was a Fag They Say

So Tchaikovsky was a fag they say
At least that’s the word for today.
Got to pay him some tribute
For giving chastity the boot?
And from the law we should run away?
Do your own thing? A gay song to sing?
They don’t say that he was active.
Maybe just to “pervs” attractive!
We all are born in sin,
Perverse and wicked within,
But from this way we turn
So we don’t have to burn.
We’re not ruled by a good musician,
But by that Great Physician.
We don’t follow any old tune
Put out by a fool or a goon.
Yeah, it really is just another drag
Callin’ out this man as a fag

A.m.  15 June, 2021

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