Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Punishment Reduction Campaign (PRC)

A Meditation at 0702 on 26 May, 2021

Many-an abortionist goes merrily along
With no idea of the Judgment to come
And the long eternity in that place of pain,
Who gave not a listen about a way
To lighten a sinner’s load in this sway
Between ideas of old and those of new
Instructing fools on what to do,
Yeah, supply some emergency relief,
Even to a thief, treating people like beef.
Yes, they constantly build a horrible indictment;
Pain and misery will be their excitement.
So in every situation of an abortionist termination,
Relief is found for victim and from perpetration
Of high crimes against humanity and such insanity.
Think now of the many sins that won’t be counted
Against that murderous one who had flouted
That Law from the Giver of Commandments true:
“No murder shall you do, or your life is through!”
Yes, a new perspective is needed to be heeded:
A wake-up for the “pro-life community”!
Got to stand behind the doers with unity,
Forsaking not scrutiny of the pro-abort goon.
We know blasphemers will fall away soon
And when time comes on that Day to pay
They will  go down crying with nothing to say.

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