Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Skunks are Back!

Spring is here and the skunks are back,
So there must be some mice to eat!
What a treat for those critters
With black and white stripes
Stalking around the roots and pipes
Lookin’ for some food to enjoy!
Yeah,  what’s better than a tender juicy mouse
Especially one livin’ like a king in your house?
Bring on those skunks! Got a job for them to do!
(Come on little mousey! Someone wants to meet you.)
Yeah, the road is rough and the goin’ gets tough,
But of those scurryin’ little critters we’ve had enough!
Got to cut off their population!
(It’s just the situation, no consternation
Got to do what we must do
In this life before we’re through
Takin’ care of all our business.)
So we cheer on those skunks
“Get those little punks!”
Make you a happy dinner
And then we’ll be the winner.

20 May, 2021 at 0823

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