Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Saul and David

Saul said, “Is this the voice of David?”
“Yeah, Saul, What’s up my king?
Why you keep on chasin’
When I ain’t done one thing?
What have I done to be on the run
Here in the sticks where it ain’t no fun?
They got these other gods a-callin’
But I ain’t for their bull a-fallin’!
Yeah, they’ve driven me out
Without so much as a shout!
What am I gonna do about it?
Not’in here to do but cry
Sit around and wait to die?
I got your spear!  So what’s up?
Don’t you know I ‘m just tryin’ t’help?
See!  The Lord spared you from death
And His hand is on me to bless.”

1 Samuel 26:17f. on 6 March (?) at 0645 (for our rap-happy readers)

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