Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wanna Live Long?

So you wanna live long
Less food and give up the bong?
Well, you need a new song.
You sing to the One above
Who showed us all that love.
Said you wanna lengthen your days?
Got to walk in My ways!
Got to love, obey, and hold fast.
Says right there in Deuteronomy.
Page over to chapter thirty.
All laid out for the simple.
Not about going to the Temple.
He took the hit big time on the cross
We were nothin’ but a loss.
Come a runnin’ to this King.
You can do it!  Ain’t no thing!
He done did all the work
For the upright and the jerk.
Just got to trust and obey
Sho ’nuff ain’t no other way!

0855 on 7 Jan., 2021

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