Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

An Epiphany for Christmas


An Epiphany for Christmas 2008

How does a local community stop such things as the coming of abortuaries, casinos, strip joints, and sodomy parades?

It passes zoning restrictions at the behest of the local churches who speak out against wickedness and urge local rulers to stand for goodness and justice as true civil authorities under God are obliged to do.   Local civil authorities – under God – are not required to bow to other erring civil authorities (i.e. federal judiciary) but may rule justly as they understand justice defined by God’s word.

The Churches of God must give direction to a society wandering (both as a civil order as well as the individuals living therein) and in desperate need of guidance.  The church is the “pillar of truth” (1 Tim. 3:15) for the body politic (in need of reform) as well as the citizen (in need of salvation).

Christendom v. Pagandom


If Christ rules the world (with Truth and Grace)

And if He does so by Right,

Then by what Right does anyone assert his gods or idols or laws

To be equal to or above Him?

To Him be the honor, the glory, and the POWER

NOW and forever.  Amen.

This is our Creed.

And this is the message the Churches must declare

To this nation which has lost its way.


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