Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl name o’ Jayne
Drove me a little “insaney”
By her had many-a kid
And all that we did
Was intended to serve the Lord.
Well, we never got bored,
Had no money but hoarded
All that we could,
Did all that we should
And onward we soared
To that lofty reward.
Well it came time one day
When we had to pay
Our lives out for the sin
We all dread.
Death came to one
And the other did run
To the end until at last
They would meet again
In that place in heaven
To join all eleven
Plus the one we never met.
Anastasia would be there
Lighter than air
Ascended with all of us
Never to be left alone.
All will be joined by that power
From Him who reigns in that tower
Above all here below.
This, most surely, we know.

13 Nov., 2020

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