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August, 2011

The following short report and commentary is taken from the Summer, 1994 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.  It points up fundamental principles of parenting toward which the American federal government is hostile.  Laws enacted in the late 20th century by post-Christian western civilization have become increasingly hostile to basic Christian law: the imago Dei and the right and responsibility of parents to discipline their children and bring them up as Christians catechizing them in the Law of God and the Gospel of Messiah.

In this particular article, the hostility of the then-U.S. President Bill Clinton to things wholesome and good takes further expression in his intrusion into the internal affairs of a distant land – Singapore.   Clinton was surely a poseur, masquerading as a “good southern Baptist.”    Not satisfied with advancing immorality in the nation of his birth by his own blatant support of abortion rights and his personal example of numerous adulteries,  he must spread it abroad.   Indeed, the audacity of a man, who wallows in his moral degradation to even imagine that he has any counsel for a nation across the ocean, whose governors possess moral qualities far above his own, can be nothing but a product of blind egoism.   We are still in a state of wonder and disgust in Anno Domini 2011.

When one contemplates the current President who unabashedly advocates for the normalization of abortion and sodomy and does not hide his Communist associations and doctrines, he stands aghast.  The blatant personal incontinence, the lust for power, and the feigned good-old-boy Christian Americanism so feigned and flaunted by Clinton arouses pure indignation.

CACN, Summer, 1994

Good Spankings

Singapore’s Home Affairs Minister responded to the pious pleadings of Clinton, the AMA, the ABA, and numerous human rights champions regarding the then impending caning of vandalist Michael Fay: “It is absurd that societies so stricken with crime should attempt to apply their standards on us and teach us what to do.”  (Washington Times, 24 April, 1994)

Now if true justice requires the death penalty for recidivist delinquents (Dt. 21:18-21), a little preventative guidance by corporal use of the rod doesn’t seem all that barbaric.  But then, a President who aborts his own child and taxes people to unwillingly pay for others to abort their own; appoints sodomites to govern the land; and presides over atrocities against his own citizenry (a la Waco) is a President who doesn’t know what barbarism is.

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