Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


“Bah!  Humbug!”  Indeed, “Humbug!” would be a legitimate denunciation when addressing that sociological dogma which demands inclusion of deviants, perverts, and murderers into the company of good citizenry!  Inspiration for such a denunciation comes from Moses as recorded in Deuteronomy 7:1-4.  When God cleared the land of the heathen in order that Israel might seize it, He forbade them from intermarrying with those who were not His followers.  Such were to be excluded from the holy Covenant and its attendant blessings.

Exclusion is a principle.  The holy people of God were to practice exclusion from their fellowship those who were not people of the Covenant.  The Almighty calls out from the world His holy people to be separate from those who follow after their own way – the way of rebellion, of Lawlessness, of Godlessness.

Yet, indeed, inclusion is also God’s ethic. God’s way is to include among His covenant people those from all races and nations and to separate that new “race” or “church” or “nation” from the rest of the races or nations of the world.  The principle, then, is on the one hand, the inclusion of people of any race who would walk in the way of Truth and Justice and exclusion, on the other hand, those who despise and reject the same.

10 Oct., 2020

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