Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Treacherous “Prolifers”

8 Oct., 2020

On Those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors

On those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors

Now, let’s not get excited.  Nothing blasphemous here.  I mean savior with a small “s.”  It is capitalized above part of the title.  It references ne who saves babies from being butchered by means of direct, forceful, live-saving action is a savior of the child.  Not his soul, of course; a savior of the child’s bodily life.  But, of course, in doing so, the savior (or rescuer) provides opportunity for the child to be born, attain ability in language and communication, and eventually to understand the Gospel message and become acquainted with the eternal Savior.

Those who rescue these innocent from murderous abortions are saviors, with a small “s” (of course!).

Now, why would anyone condemn a savior?  Why would “prolifers” condemn  those who rescue the innocents from death?

Well, I may suggest a reasonable reason.  They have a “movement” to which they give higher priority than that which they give to the merciful action of rescuing innocent children from death.  They wish to be well thought of by their fellow citizens: they wish to avoid prosecution and jail by their government.  And they want to minimize the cost of true Christian discipleship.

That, indeed, is my take on the matter.  I think much more could have been done, and might still be done, if “prolifers” would embrace heartily the truth they profess and consistently hold to a high value of human life and affirm by all means that it is  worthy of protection, worthy of defense, and worthy the efforts of clinic bombers and abortionist shooters to rescue the innocents from those God-damned murders.

So let us gird up on national Christian loins and be prepared to praise and respect and applaud the next martyrs who rescue the innocents with effective forceful means: ballistic, fiery, or explosive.


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