Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Fans of Freedom

“Freedom!” declared William Wallace in that glorious film, “Braveheart” – starring Mel Gibson – as he died refusing to renounce the cause of the Scottish in pursuit of relief from the tyranny of the English.  (Yes, in this wicked world somebody is always abusing someone else.  In our time it’s ex utero folks killing in utero folks – babies yet unborn.)

Curiously, those who championed slavery as well as those who advocate for “abortion rights” – the freedom to abort babies – both regard themselves to be champions of freedom.  Indeed, “freedom” can be good or bad depending on what subject is attached to it. The naked call for “freedom” is folly, then, without clarification.

Freedom to do the right thing is the proper principle to advocate.  Freedom, within the Law. 

But freedom advocacy divorced from Truth,  Law, and Justice is folly.  Such folly leads to murders, rapes, wars, and holocausts – like “abortion rights.”  Freedom to do right is the proper principle.  Freedom to do evil is foolishness. If one principle is to be despised and the other defended, how then shall the conflict be resolved?  How shall law and liberty be upheld together? 

Thankfully, a solution is found in the instructions given to Moses – long ago.  Instructions were given to navigate this conundrum.  The law of God provides guidance for the pious as well as deterrent for the deviant; it commends those who obey and condemns those who violate the law.

Freedom allows us to submit to or resist the law. It allows us to choose the right and enjoy the benefits of obedience to justice or to choose the wrong and suffer the consequences of obstinacy as moral, responsible, spiritual human beings, created in the very image of the Lawgiver.  And thanks be to God when we choose disobedience to men when obedience to God requires it.  And thanks be to God for the Son who disobeyed the commands of men in obedience the mission to which the Father had commissioned Him – our salvation!

We believe in the right of any abortionist to die under the hand of any other citizen who believes in the “right to life” and feels the need to remove said abortionist from his position as a murder of innocents.  Freedom! then, to save babies.  Freedom!  We believe in the freedom to terminate unwanted abortionists.

The blood flows daily down the drains and into the sewers of American cities.  The nation is damned.

What can be done to plead with the Just One,  the Almighty who brings justice in due time?  What can be done to appease Him?  Is there any repentance?  (Or as well, if you please, any penance?)

Take up your tools.  There are few rules to restrain those who would save the innocents. 

Freedom from murder!  Freedom from abortion!

8 Oct., 2020

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