Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Sex

Most folks have found time in life to enjoy it.  My wife and I have done so at least eleven times.  And of those eleven, the joy has been indulged at least 13 times by those who have “sprung off” – producing what is otherwise known as “offspring” or relative to the wife and me, “grandchildren.” Gratefully we proclaim there are 13 on the ground and two in the womb.  And we hope for as many more – as the Lord might grant! 

Now, in other matters on the subject of sex, we must acknowledge that the process for conceiving such blessings is not to be underestimated.    And to properly understand the sensation, well, there is nothing to it but to do it.  But, by the divine decree, that experience is reserved for those who are under what has been called a holy marriage contract.  Exclusion. Holy Segregation. (Got to deal with it. It’s the Law.)

As humans, we are not, as the teachers of modern biology might say, just “products of conception.”  And we do not reproduce with anyone on any whim. We are, according to divine decree and revelation, holy beings created in the very “image of God” – the imago Dei.  And said God has declared that the reproductive process is reserved exclusively for those who are bound together in “holy matrimony.”  That is, they are committed to one another “until death do [them] part.”

So it is written, so let it be done.

7 Oct., 2020

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