Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

I Don’t Think Reddy Was Ready

Helen Reddy

She will always, sadly, be known for her blasphemous song about the Lord Almighty, even the Savior, Jesus in the musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar.  “He’s a man.  He’s just a man” in rejection of the claims of his followers, the Scriptures, and Jesus, Himself, to His deith.  No, Helen.  He wasn’t – and is not now – “just a man”!   You missed the most important fact to be discovered while you were alive for a short time in this world.  It is an exhortation for all: “Know Him, who He is, and the salvation which He provided for the world.”   You missed it!  In fact, you proclaimed a message contrary to the Truth which He is and which He proclaimed.  You are dead on 29 September, 2020.  But He and His followers will live forever.

Good riddance and may our merciful and just Lord have mercy on her!

2 Oct., 2020

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