Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Corona Meditation (another)

27 July, 2020

The Almighty has, by His Corona Virus, shut down abortuaries (along with the nation).  But He can end the plague and restore normal commerce and national life.   Repentance is necessary for restoration.  We must renounce this holocaust and shut down all abortuaries by statute, state laws, judicial decrees – whatever happy lawful way we may.  

Or rue the day when He forsakes us entirely and lets us fall into utter ruin . . . Yet, maybe it is good to start our society anew albeit through trials and miseries – a New Order, indeed, reformulated upon His Truth, His Law . . . the Big Ten.  His word teaches that we are not akin to the other animals other than by our common origin as creatures of the Creator.  Otherwise, we are distinguished from all by that divine imago Dei.  We eat them.  We don’t kill others by abortion in order to “save the planet” with its other animals.

May the Corona Judgment awaken us and may we return to Him and His Law.

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