Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Pounce on the Mouse

(For our wanton animal rights friends and patriots)

13 May, 2020

I love those bald eagles
Whenever  they swoop down
And clamp those powerful jaws
Around the neck of small birds
Or a mouse or other hapless rodent.
My heart throbs with joy.
The squeals of those mice
Squeezed by those talons
Is like sweet music.
Regular buzzards have too much
Black in their coloring
I like the majestic white head
Of that eagle.
He looks so clean and regal
The strength he represents
When guided by justice and law
Saves the world from that maw
Which swallows the helpless.
And he spawns children
To follow in his way.
High into the sky he flies
And down he dives.
No prey can survive.
Mercilessly he clamps down,
The blood of his prey does abound,
Winning the victory away to the sky
Leaving the wanton offender to die.

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