Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Michelle, The Obamanation Mistress

28 April, 2020

“Empathy is our lifeline here. It’s what will get us to the other side. Let’s use it to redirect our attention toward what matters most, reconsider our priorities, and find ways to better remake the world in the image of our hopes.”

So says Michelle Obama.  https://news.yahoo.com/michelle-obama-documentary-becoming-premiere-170014157.html

Yeah, she got herself a “new documentary” comin’ out.  Gonna show us all what the world is supposed to be.  She will give us vision.  Sodomy and abortion rights for all.  Freedom! 

Hmm. Remake the world “in the image of our hopes,” she says.

Nazi hopes?  Commie hopes?  Abortophile hopes? 

Go away and babble on to your heathen audience.  Let Christians and anyone with a moral compass ignore the wench and her ex-President, baby-killing, pro-sodomite, Lawless hubby.

Lord, give us a President, like the current one, who has some respect for human life, even those weakest of all.  Give us a President who will close down abortuaries as threats to American lives, death camps, illegal businesses.

Shut them, the hell, down!

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