Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Matthew’s Passage

(Written on Thursday 30 January, 2020, two days after Matt’s death on Tuesday)

We are all on the same path
And we all fall from it
And so meet death
At some time and some place.
We don’t know when or where
But death is, indeed, there.
Matt met him unexpectedly
In the middle of the night
That enemy came for him.
And he thought he was something
As he always does
Taking down those he hates.
Yes he is a hater
Of those who will one day
Trample all over him
As they rise from graves
Around the world
With a powerful shout!
No doubt they will rise
Right up out of those graves.
Shining and incorruptible
They will with unfathomable
Divine power rise forever
Never to die again

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