Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

National Association for the Prevention of Abortionist Terminations (NAPAT)

18 March, 2019

I recently finished an excellent book on the history of black people in America, The Negro in the Making of America (New York, Collier Books, 1964, by Benjamin Quarles).

Ah, how far we are, it would seem, from the post-bellum, pre-civil rights era – those days between the Civil War the first World War. . . Still, untamed barbarians, we are, or have returned to being.

In the post-War south in 1899, on behalf of the still-not-yet-enfranchised Negro in America, there was founded the Commission on Interracial Cooperation in Atlanta, directed by one Will W. Alexander.  By its “gradualist philosophy,” the Commission published tracts and pamphlets describing “the Negro’s contributions to American life” (Quarles, p. 199).

There was a long way to go.  It was be another 36 years before  Rosa Parks stepped aboard a white’s only bus.  Back then it was great progress to form The Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching. (The ASWPL, I quess.)  What forward thinking women!  Stand up for justice!  Publically oppose lynching (whether it is the private or public variety).  Be bold and true to Truth and Justice!

Light bulb!  We need to start a society for prevent the termination of “abortion providers” so that they may get the opportunity to repent and save their souls.  If a revival comes, and folks determine to rescue the innocents and, to do so, they start offing abortion providers (a.k.a. APs) off left and right, what are we going to do?  (Remember! Abortionists are people, too!  And they deserve protection and due process.)  We need to found NAPAT: the National Association for the Prevention of Abortionist Terminations!  And I will volunteer to be a founder!

Back to the Commission of 1899.   It “met with some successes in cities and in colleges and university centers,” writes Quarles.  “But its influence was small in the rural south.”  (Old habits are hard to break, don’t cha know!  Just couldn’t get a consensus on that tough lynching question.  Well, when you have slaves that won’t work, what’s to do but apply the lynch!  Scare the bejeebers out of the others and motivate them to man-up, woman-up, children-up and put out the work!)

So it is has always with humanity.  The members of the race do not generally do the right thing.  Ours is a selfish, fallen, sinful species – uniquely corrupted and distinguished so from the rest of the “animal kingdom.”   The “fall of man” is just that  – a tragedy of those animals – humans – created in the very image of God, the fall of the very species who had the great privilege and duty to uphold and honor the God in whose image they were made.  

Yeah we butcher babies ourselves, our very kin, for convenience sake.  And if we are not participating in the butchering, we are guilty of tolerating it.  There is a sin of neglect, of failure to take action, and of “toleration” of evil for which we will give account (cf. Rev. 2:20).

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