Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

To Hell with Johns Hopkins Medicine

March, 2019

They caved, after 38 years of rejecting “transgender surgery.”  Now they will mutilate people according to their own base inclinations, fantasies, and whims – enabling them to switch over, anatomically, to their sex of choice.

Yep, “Choice” – apart from submission to God’s will, gone to seed, indeed!

So Jack Ames, with his indefatigable reporting upon the battle between Light and Darkness, has provided an update on another of the insane fads our Godless culture has spawned and proliferated. 

How dark and utterly selfish is the fallen nature of man!   One might wonder if the same human problem – sin – affecting all areas of life including “sexual identity” might not have been handled differently in past times.

It is a fare assumption that our disorientation – following the fall of man – did include “sexual orientation.”  I.e. our sex drive (speaking of humanity in general) is not well-tuned or even well “oriented.”  We want “it” outside the perimeter established by the Creator and Lawgiver.  Yes, and we “want it” perversely as well – homosexually, bestially, intemperately, and (simply) selfishly.

And, indeed, these broken conditions are from birth, yes, even conception!  And so it is that some – disinclined to marry – devoted themselves to a life void of indulgence in sexual pleasure – whether religiously as monks, or pedantically as professors, or studiously as scientists, or whatever the chosen vocation might be.

But now, an utterly hedonist doctrine prevails at Johns Hopkins (along with most of the modern, post-Christian world) which says that sexual pleasure or whim ought never to be denied or abridged.  Like the click of mouse to access a new page on the computer screen, we must have our choice of sexual vehicle:  “A new page, a new format.  My will.  Whatever I want!” 

Disgusting?  Absurd? Laughable? Stupid?

All of the above.  And  quite  fitting for a nation of baby killers who have, for a whole generation, spit in the face of God. 

I, therefore, do not pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S.A.  (And I am no damned hippie.)

May God chastise us by His holy love to bring us back into submission to His good Law.

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