Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

One City Under God

To what civil authorities or what government do we owe first allegiance?  Is it our city? County?  State?  Nation?  To whom must our first allegiance be pledged?

What if my city proclaims itself opposed to murder and refuses to allow abortuaries to be established within the city limits and prohibits any of its citizens from committing abortion?  (One might imagine a resident being evicted from the city limits upon verification of the deed.)  

In other words, if the city had no authority to prosecute what it deemed to be a capital crime, might it not refuse residency to those it regarded as capital offenders to be unfit for residence at the least?

If a community cannot punish its criminals because the higher authority prohibits such actions, may it not require that the unwanted offender be removed from the company its citizens?  May it not strip him of citizenship and expel him?

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