Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Democrats> Democraps> Demoshits!

15 Oct., 2018

That is what they are – all summed up.  They shit upon the people.  They are the party of racism.    They would murder that class of humanity, helpless in the earliest stages of their lives.    They must be called out for what they are; they must be granted no legitimacy, no respect!

If we think of race as a class or group of humanity, the children of the womb are a race indeed – a most abused one!  And as Democrats threat them as less than human – even cast-offs which may be murdered at the whim of any woman – Dems ought properly to be labeled “racist.”

How do you treat your pagan or racist friends?  With civility, at best, and you limit their influence upon your life and that of your family.  You certainly don’t consult them on matters of ethics or “family planning” or child-rearing and education.   You lament the fact  that they even have the power to vote and wield their perverted influence.  And you would never make a Democrat a ruler!  You would not be so foolish as to put them in places of power and influence in culture.  You certainly don’t want them running the schools and teaching your children!

Of course, you would never vote Democrat!  That would be flat-out un-patriotic, even a traitorous dereliction of duty.

And should the GOP ever depart and fall into the same blindness, we would form new political parties and vie ever more vigorously for Truth and Justice.

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