Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Defeat the Abortocrats

10 Sept.  2018

Democrats are de facto unfit to rule.  They are, simply, morally unqualified.  Yes, and such is the case for every election at every level of government.

Why?  Because the Democratic party, by virtue of its advocacy of child-murder, is illegitimate.  Indeed, this party has unabashedly made this blasphemous doctrine a centerpiece of its “platform.” Not the least abashed, the Democrats boast in and advocate for this “political opinion.”   They fancy themselves to be on a proper side of an issue which they dub, “a woman’s right to choose.”

Indeed, they confuse the life of a child with a woman’s health care or career choices!  Such insanity makes Democrats unfit to have any role in ruling other people and those whom they would represent have no right to representation!  The Lawless have no right to the maintenance of the Law and justice – the vote.  (As it is, they only subvert justice!) They are de facto Lawless and incompetent.  They are unqualified.  “Un-enfranchisable!”

This party has continued now for 45 years in defense of this American Holocaust.   Anti-abortionists, having escaped Democratic rule under Obama, breathed the fresh air of hope for national repentance from that sin and the other big one: legalized sodomy.

I do not know that we will succeed in throwing off these ancient evils which we have so haplessly tolerated and even embraced as if they were marks of a “progressive” people!  Fools!  They are the marks of barbarians from past ages!   But that is what Republicans must hope and work for: repentance and restoration of the Republic: One Nation, under God . . . (and His Law).

That may involve the demise of the decadent Democratic party and the formation of another party to the “right” of the GOP, allowing the latter to take the place of the Democrats as they drift into oblivion.   Good riddance!  And may a new party drag the weary GOP onward in the direction of Justice.

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