Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ron Fitzsimmons, Abortion Promoter

August, 2011

Here is the link to Fitzsimmons’s lying confession. It is the report which prompted the CACN article below. Fitzsimmons, an affable fellow to sit and chat with, had appeared at least once on news or radio talk shows with Michael Bray.


CACN, Spring, 1997
Ron Fitzsimmons, Abortion Promoter

The Director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers represents 220 abortuaries and includes about 150 members. The organization is about half the size of the NAF (whose D.C. office was mildly bombed by your editor’s co-defendant Tom Spinks in 1984. Ah . . . it was a very good year: one million in divestments of abortion industry assets. Oh, but I digress). Prior to rectifying his lying (as becomes an abortionist) about the number of “partial birth” abortions committed nationwide to the embarassment of countless harpies including arch-feminists Smeal, Michaelman, and Ireland, he held a conference with fellow denizens in October at the Loews L’Enfant Plaze Hotel “under heavy security” (Washington Times, 21 Oct., 1996). (Why do these feckless ultra-ideologues allow a damn-the-very-word man to lead them, anyway? Have these ultra-harpies lost all dignity?)

The Times reported that “Hotel personnel refused to discuss details about the meeting over the telephone and a guard is posted at the one door leading into the ballroom.” One topic being discussed was “abortion terminology.” Sunday morning’s topic was “the positive aspects of having an abortion.”

We see the connection. Terminology is important in this propaganda war. Let us begin with the name the abortionists use to describe themselves: “Providers.”

Of course. And Paul Hill is a provider of dead abortionists.

I like Henry Felisone’s nomenclature. Not rapist; “rape provider.” Not mugger; “mug provider.” How about murder provider?

Shall we go on?

And yet the very propaganda term which the abortionist chooses to bestow upon himself is the one used by the Washington Times in its title of the article; viz., “Abortion providers huddling”!

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