Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Judge Orrick (or is it Ork?)

21 July, 2017

On 8 June, 2017, the Associated Press reported: “The leader of an anti-abortion group who is being sued wants to disqualify a U.S. judge who barred him from releasing videos recorded at meetings of an association of abortion providers.”

Judge William Orrick held David Daleiden in civil contempt for violating a court order.  Daleiden had operated his Center for Medical Progress by which he exposed the brutality of abortionists across the land.   And what was this “court order” that this “judge” issued?

It was a tyrannical, immoral, unconstitutional decree prohibiting Daleiden personally from showing his covertly filmed video footage of National Abortion Federation conferences during which Planned Parenthood administrators and sorted big-wigs and practitioners spoke candidly about their methods and experiences in butchering children in and out of the womb.

And what was the reason for this covert filming of meetings?

The exposure of abortion profiteers in candid conversation about their practice of ripping apart babies and securing their deaths (preferably) before their births and the profits to be made from these various “procedures.”

And was this covert filming operation some great invasion of privacy?

Of course.  But it was as offensive as spying upon a mafia meeting and exposing their plans to murder folks.  (Duh!  It was more “legit” than spying on the mafia!)

“So what is wrong with that?”  a regular Joe citizen might ask.

Well the judge didn’t think the mafia’s murders ought to be exposed!  Or, rather, that the abortionists murders ought to be exposed –  because the judge is a pro-abortionist!  

Judge Orrick’s contempt order “awards approximately $137,000 to the National Abortion Federation for attorney fees and for alleged staff time to scour the internet looking for links to the Daleiden videos,” as Steven Ertelt of LifeNews reports.


Daleiden and his attorneys asked that Orrick recuse himself from the case because of a pro-abortion bias.  The judge has a “longstanding relationship with an organization that partners with Planned Parenthood,” according to the objection as reported by the AP report.  Moreover, according to the same AP report ” “The attorneys also said the judge’s wife ‘liked’ Facebook posts critical of Daleiden.”

Naaaaaaaaah!  A pro-abort judge?  A judge who sits in legal (and moral? and lawful? and righteous?) judgment of others?

Legal Sméagol!  We do know that the judge sits in “legal” judgment, but we have some doubts about those other characteristics.  Nothing moral or righteous about much of what comes from federal court rooms in many cases.  Sometimes what is “legal” is nothing but that.  And so, apparently, are all the ensuing issues and struggles which have proceeded from the fount of that damned, Godless, Lawless, court decision to decriminalize baby-murder, a.k.a. abortion.

Orrick.  His actions display determination to oppress David Daleiden, one who is exposing, rather that tolerating this fifth-decade holocaust. Hmm.  Somehow, Orrick is a proper name for this propagator of evil who has built upon the corrupt foundation of the infernal Roe “decision.  One hears “Orc,” a mythical monster, popularized in Tolkien’s writings.

But another thought comes to mind. As a protector of the monstrous baby-butchers of our time, the judge might be providentially named as one bringing judgment into this world, a wicked tool to punish a wicked generation with the suicidal murder of their own children.  Judge Orrick, a tool of the Judge if all nations, protects those who punish this evil population with the punishment of their own bloodshed.

Yes, the nation is self-serving and self-loathing, because the people have not loved God.  But the will of God will be done, His justice will prevail.  And all judges will meet their Judge with the rest of those who shed innocent blood and despise the Law and the justice of God.



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