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Abortion, Free Speech, and Communism

Michael Bray
November, 2007

Abortion, Free Speech, and Communism

On November 7, 2007 the Oakland (California) City Council voted to approve an ordinance that would require sidewalk counselors to keep at least eight feet away from customers entering abortuaries. A final vote on the ordinance is scheduled for December 4.

It is difficult to find fault with the action of this Council. They were chosen by the electorate and there was no excuse for the people to have failed to recognize that kind of immoral scoundrels they were choosing. We will take a closer look at veteran politician, Mayor Ron Dellums in another blog.

This obscene local legislation carries penalties of up to a year in county jail and fines of up to $2,000. It was submitted by three women. (For political purposes it works best to keep this desecration of motherhood in the lap of women, as if they are the ones who want it and have a right to it. But it is quite certainly men, who have impregnated women and who are seeking to way to escape fatherhood, who favor “abortion rights.”)

Council ladies Nancy Nadel, Jane Brunner, and Jean Quan brought the issue before the governing body (eight plus the mayor) in a letter to the Council’s public safety committee dated Oct. 23. They made convenient use of the terminology found in the tyrannical federal legislation which prohibits blocking access by “interference, intimidation, or harassment.” That legislation, euphemistically entitled the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (FACE) law, was passed in 1995. The accompanying heavy penalties and elastic language which can be stretched to catch anybody for offering a piece of literature to a passerby, has resulted in the virtual shut down of speech outside of abortuaries throughout the land. What fun for a pro-abortion judge! How might he choose to interpret “harass” or “interfere” or “intimidate”? Shall we count the ways?

World Net Daily reported on this story in part as follows:

But protesters themselves say they are more often the victims of harassment, up to and including violence.

Walter Hove, a Union City resident who hands out pro-life literature in Oakland, told reporters that’s exactly what he’s seen.

“I’ve seen the escorts push and shove protesters,” he said. “The ordinance is one-sided, and there is no need for it.”

He suggested if protesters have been “threatening,” police and prosecutors simply should use video as evidence video from the cameras abortion businesses have installed to monitor them.

Johnson said the proposal restricts speech, conversation, handing out a leaflet and a range of other actions.

“Anyone with an interest in the right of free speech and limited government would consider whether we ought to grant the government the power to say which message can be communicated and which message cannot,” he said.

On the California Catholic News website forum, reader Maria Rosa was blunt in her opinion: “Those supporting and promoting this bubble law do not care one iota about free speech when that free speech doesn’t agree with what they want to do. They only support free speech when it is in agreement with what they support.”

“So, where’s the ACLU?” asked another reader. “Why aren’t they rushing forward to protect that which they claim to be their basic charge – protecting the First Amendment freedom of speech rights?”

The Catholic newspaper also reported the story of Mary Arnold, 55, who was a pro-life protester for about a year, until the business hired escorts to “protect” customers.

“During that year, we had a lot of saves – about 20 babies,” she said. “These women were grateful that someone was there to offer an alternative. We referred them to a pregnancy help center that provided assistance.

“When the escorts came, it was like having a bubble anyway, because we couldn’t get near anybody,” Arnold said. “They would jump in front of us and shout out at the women, ‘Don’t talk to them!’ If a girl was actually brave enough to reach out for a pamphlet, they would snatch it out of her hands.”

Johnson told WND the ordinance provides a protected area within 100 feet of an entrance to an abortion business in which no one can approach another person within eight feet without permission.

“Nobody has the right to be unspoken do,” he said. “The constitution does not prevent people from being addressed.” [End of WND report]

Oakland Leaderhip “Issues”

The Oakland city leaders include some suspicious characters. Ron Dellums beat out Ignacio De La Fuente in the election for mayor in May of 2006. The latter became President of the City Council despite the fact that his son was charged the year before with raping a 15-year-old girl. Ignacio Rafael De La Fuente Jr., 33, in fact, was being held in custody without bail during the election and was accused of five sexual assault-related charges involving four different women between October 2003 and April 2005.

On May 3, 2007, one week into a jury trial, prosecutor Brian Owens agreed to drop three kidnapping enhancement clauses in exchange for a guilty plea. Three of the victims had already testified against him and the fourth was scheduled to testify later that day. The plea bargain called for a 14-year state prison sentence. He received that sentence on October 26.

De La Fuente, Jr. had faced multiple life sentences if he’d been convicted of all five counts against him, which were two counts of rape and one count each of assault with intent to commit rape, digital penetration by force and forced oral copulation.

Local Channel 2 reported the response of Marcia Blackstock of Bay Area Women Against Rape. “She thinks De La Fuente Jr. deserved a much longer sentence ‘because of all the havoc he caused.’” Blackstock said, “It helps to have people in power in your family.”

President De La Fuente

So why does Oakland City Council President De La Fuente support the draconian suppression of anti-abortionists as they attempt to hand prolife literature out to women en route to commit abortion?

Well friends, the short answer might be that he would have gone broke taking care of all his illegitimate grand children if not for an uninterrupted abortion process. Junior, 34, was imprisoned at age 32. Quite possible he has been inseminating women for two decades.

Otherwise, it may be that President Fuente is simply a blind and foolish liberal.

Ron Dellums

Now here is a piece of work. He was torn between giving his endorsement to Obama or Hillary. But he distinguishes himself from his fellow in-the-Democrat-box black politicians by choosing ideology over race. Hillary is a better communist than Obama. She is more electable and can do more for the cause.

As materialists, Communists have been consistently in support of abortion rights. (What is flesh and blood, anyway? Just a mass of molecules.) The value of people is not found in their inherent spiritual nature as creatures fashioned in the divine image. Rather, their value, and the need for their reproduction is to be found in perceived State necessity. Accordingly, East-bloc nations in the 70s both outlawed and legalized abortion depending upon the perceived population needs of the state. It did not matter what grounds were more cogent for the garnering of public support (whether polemics in support of women’s rights or opposition to bourgeoisie families). Likewise, China, the remaining bastion of unabashed Communism, practices forced abortion for the sake of the State.

Dellums has never shied away from Communist radicalism. On February 17, 1968, he delivered the keynote address at a birthday party for Black Panther “Minister of Defense” Huey Newton, who had been convicted of killing a policeman. The next year, 348 Panthers were arrested for varieties of political and not-so-high-minded crimes including murder, armed robbery, rape, bank robbery, and burglary. Party leaders openly called for the assassination of President Richard Nixon, and the FBI determined the Panthers to be “the most notorious and dangerous of current militant groups.” But the Panthers’ appalling record of violence did not cause Dellums to turn his back on them. During his 1970 campaign for Congress Dellums openly endorsed the Panthers.

In spite of his enthusiastic defense of the Panthers, Dellums was elected to Congress in 1970. Before being sworn in, he addressed the opening session of the World Conference in November on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia sponsored by the World Peace Council. (The WPC originated in the Soviet Union in 1950 and was identified by the CIA, FBI, and the State Department as a Communist front organization controlled by Moscow. FBI head, Edward O’Mally, noted before a Congressional committee in 1982 that the communist WPC had affiliates in approximately 135 countries.)

Congressman Dellums record as a persistent communist and traitor are prodigious and continuous. In August 1977 Mother Jones reported that for “the first time in more than a century, a dues-paying socialist is also a member of the U.S. Congress. Congress member Ron Dellums, a California Democrat, has joined the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), the organization of socialists in the Democratic Party.”

On February 27, 1980, Dellums voted to give the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua $75 million in U.S. aid. In support of the Sandinistas, Dellums joined as a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), to prohibit covert actions against the Sandinista communist regime.

In 1982, Dellums voted against the legislation that makes it a felony to publicly expose the identities of U.S. covert intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources.

In 1983, U.S. forces liberated Grenada from the grasp of Marxist-Leninist dictator Maurice Bishop’s New Jewel Movement after determining that a huge airport then under construction could handle the Soviet Union’s long-range bombers (and thus threaten the U.S. no less than the Cubans had they been permitted by JFK to allow Soviet missiles to be placed on Casto’s island. Congressman Dellums denounced the action and declared that the U.S. invasion of Grenada was “nothing less than a crime against humanity, planned and executed by people who deserve to be condemned as war criminals.”

Dellums’s communist credentials are evident enough to justify regarding him a security risk. He would easily be disqualified from obtaining a security clearance were not his being a member of Congress. And yet as a member of the House Armed Services Committee he had access to highly classified materials and possessed great influence over America’s defense.

Can any good come from such a fellow? Why is he in power?

Fourteen months after winning the election in May of 2006, Dellums presided over a garbage overflow emergency. Seems that the champion of the proletariat couldn’t work things out between the company and the union trash collectors. The Mayor had to call in a “federal mediator” to help settle a dispute between the workers and the wicked capitalist Houston-based trash company. On 24 July, 2007 Fox news reported that Oakland was getting “hundreds of calls per day about missed pickups.”

This mess seems to be consistent with bad “report card” given in April after his “first hundred days.” Christopher Heredia, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, graciously says, “Dellums’s lack of specific actions during his first 100 days in office frustrates some residents while others say it shows he is deliberating carefully about how to address the city’s most vexing issues.”

“In March, he reorganized of the Police Department shifting more officers to patrol and neighborhood deployment. He held one neighborhood meeting, in Piedmont Pines, but otherwise has kept a low public profile. But there hasn’t been much to talk about,” reported the Chronicle.

San Francisco State University political science Professor Robert Smith was asked to characterize Dellums’ progress to date. He said: “To use a kind word: incremental.”

It is difficult as a member of Congress for three decades to restrict himself, as a city mayor, to a $1 billion budget. And it is not expedient to hit up the voters for more money. He needs get money from somewhere.

It’s back to the feds! Pillage those outside the city. Spokesman Karen Stevenson said he will “approach House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Schwarzenegger and foundations for help.”

The breach of the trust here is not found in Dellums or De La Fuente. Apparently it is with the idiot citizenry who put these jackasses in power when they were known to be what they are. The voters have put immoral and incompetent men in power and have in this way betrayed their own children.

Mr. Dellums has not only a long history of treasonous activity against the United States. He has joined with the rest of the annihilators of humanity who have encouraged the continuation of the abortion holocaust.


Dellums features above with his communist fist gesture.

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