Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Suppressing Paul Hill

August, 2011

Embarrassingly Radical

Unfortunately, as it turned out, Mr. Sekulow did not do much beyond letting Mike Hirsh (Sekulow’s employee at the time) defend Paul Hill in his free speech case. The next month, when Paul Hill went on ̶ to more poignant, direct, and effectual intervention ̶̶ and terminated an abortionist along with his body-guard, Mike Hirsh, employed by Sekulow to do what Hirsh went to law school for in the first place – to defend anti-abortion activists – was happy to defend those who were being silenced, especially Paul Hill, who was simply pleading with mothers in plain English as if he could give a voice to the innocents: Mommy, Mommy don’t kill me!” But when Paul went on to more direct (albeit embarrassing-to-the-movement-leadership) types of intervention; viz. abortionist termination, Sekulow had to abandon him. Bad for fundraising. Big donors, surmisedly, were respectable people who did not want to be associated with the kind of not-very-respectable rabble that pulled triggers – shooting folks without authorization from police or military or Congress or the Supremes.

As it turned out, Mr. Hirsh parted ways with Mr. Sekulow, who wanted nothing to do with Hill after he performed the termination nor with Hirsh who wanted to defend him, and went into several months of great personal want and need as he and his family struggled to survive and to work in Paul’s defense.

The following short note from Capitol Area Christian News 17 years ago references the original intention of Sekulow’s ACLJ to provide an attorney to defend Hills free speech case.

CACN, Summer, 1994

Free Speech

The March CACN edition sounded a note of warning about free speech infringements as pertaining particularly to Paul Hill in Pensacola, as federal agents harassed him out of a job.

Since that time, Mr. Hill was arrested. A Defensive Action Press release on June 17 announced Hill’s arrest after he was reported to have said, “Mommy, Mommy don’t kill me!” outside the 9th Avenue abortuary.

Likewise, Steven Mears, a missionary to the preborn in Somersworth, New Hampshire, was sentenced on 16 June to ten days in jail for violation of probation. Mears was sub judice in consequence of previous typical anti-abortion activity. Local abortophiles had testified that Mr. Mears violated the terms of a deferred sentence by “harassing” employees of the Greenland abortuary. The substance of Mr. Mears violation was 1) his shouting of the simple interrogative: “How many of the workers here are lesbians?” and 2) his participation in the picket of abortion assistant’s home.

Such a question displeased the lesbians who conspired against Mears, who was subsequently translocated to jail on 5 July.

The Madsen case (Madsen v. Women’s Health Center, Inc.) decided by the Supreme court in June against free speech only confirms the trend of post-Christian jurisimpudence. It says: We want abortions to remain uninterrupted in our land. Let the Constitution be bent as necessary.

Leftist judges tamper with the Constitution just as leftist theologians and pastors pervert the Christians Faith.

The hope in all this? The continuous degrading of the Constitution may lead to its demise. Shall God’s people be alert enough to the opportunity to replace it with a theocentric document akin to the American colonial constitutions? The present treatment of the document treats it as if it were the constitution of the former U.S.S.R. with its candid declaration of the “separation of Church and State.”

Fortunately, the ACLJ will be taking Paul Hill’s case. Michael Hirsch, Esq. will be the lead counsel for his defense.

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