Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back

10 Nov., 2016

You Don’t Want Portman Watching Your Back . . .Unless You’re Pretty Hard Up

After Jesus, my next favorite candidate for the 2016 Presidential race would have been Ben Carson. These failing, I was left with Mr. Trump.  But I like him a ton more than Hitlery.  And the Lord knows I would have gagged violently at the thought of Bill’s filthy body and spirit anywhere near the White House.   Spared indeed.  I do thank God for His mercy upon this land in sparing us that woman  and the many innocents whose deaths she and PP would have plotted.

And thinking thankfully,  there were other good things that came out of this campaign.  One benefit of the course of a campaign is the testing of the mettle of many people, revealing things about them which ought not to be forgotten.  Something came out in this campaign about Ohio Republican Senator Bob Portman.   The Senator decided not to vote for the GOP candidate for President. He bowed to the pressure to distance himself from the Uncertain Phenomenon, Donald Trump.  And yet, it ought to have been clear to anyone with moral bearings that Clinton and the whole Democratic Party are corrupt.  Their persistent unadulterated support of abortion makes them morally unfit to rule.   The resolution, therefore, to defeat an ideological Democrat and provide instead an  anti-abortion Republican ought to have been the clear and moral urgency – a top priority.

But Portman gave his ear to slander – the premier weapon of the Democratic campaign – and shied away from acting upon this urgency.  Supporters of the Clinton campaign practiced flagrant scurrility in mounting false witnesses against Trump with the obvious hope of diminishing his support.   They spread either false reports or accurate reports of foolish chatter designed to degrade a person in the eyes of his friends.  And they did, thereby, weaken the support of GOP candidates like Bob Portman.

He listened to lies.  It is one thing to commit slander, the severity of which crime is lost in today’s atmosphere of an unbridled (and frankly Lawless) right to “free speech.”  By the divine Standard, no one has the right to slander.  Moses decreed that the punishment that properly applied to that crime which was falsely attributed to the victim would revert to the one who made the false charge.  Thus justice requires that the liar who would damage or imperil another’s life by his false accusation must suffer the very penalty  that would have befallen the one against whom he lied (cf. Deuteronomy 19:16-21).  The bearer of false witness does not get a pass for his misdeeds.  And the punishment serves as a deterrent to those who are inclined to do harm by lying against those whom they disapprove.

The penalty follows upon the principle laid down in Exodus:

You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice. (Ex. 23:1-3)

“Siding with the many to do evil” is exactly what Portman’s actions amounted to in early October when he reversed course after listening to the Howard Stern interview with Trump by which they spoke in “locker-room” style about the beauty and the greater and lesser glories of the female body: rating anatomical regions on a scale of one to ten. Portman treated such foolish man-chatter as a grave injustice.  And it became the final straw following rapidly upon the heals of the false witnesses rounded up by the Clintonites who had basely accused Trump baselessly of various base sex crimes against them.

Al things considered, it is not much of a justification for Portman’s decision to surrender the nation to a Hitler.   (So much for Portman’s high priority in stopping the slaughter of  that class of innocents whose deaths in the fifth decade number some 60,000,000.)  But as the winds of politics changed – a Trump victory! – Portman smiled upon these fortunes and nuzzled up to the new President.

Humpf! I would rate him from the neck up among GOP politicos about a “four” on a scale of one to ten. He may have a lot of heart in that chest, but he is short on wisdom and integrity.  His withdrawal of support for his party’s candidate gave credence to the many base criticisms and lies brought against Trump.

I wonder how the new President feels with such sleazy politicians hustling and wooing him for some political spoils. He may well feel like he is being schmoozed by a whore.


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