Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

America’s Worst President

20 December 2016

Terence J. Hughes, Professor Emeritus, University of Maine
404 North Sixth Street, Fort Pierre, South Dakota

In one month from today, on 20 January 2017, Donald Trump is in and Barack Obama is out as President of the United States. Books will be written for a century and more assessing the Obama presidency. In my opinion, which won’t change because I’m 78 years old, is he’s been our worst president by far. I characterize him as the divide-and-conquer president. Increasingly, he has divided Black against White racially, divided rich against poor, divided those depending on government welfare from those who pay for it, divided the college-educated against everyone else, divided students against teachers in academia by facilitating draconian tuition hikes, divided private businessmen against federal bureaucrats by imposing endless regulations designed to stifle free enterprise, divided the old against the young with his unaffordable Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), divided police against inner-city minorities, usually African Americans, divided the Federal Government against the people by politicizing nearly all government agencies, notably FEMA, the IRS, and the DOJ, including the FBI, deepened the divide on the Supreme Court separating those determined to defend the U.S. Constitution as written from those determined to illegally legislate new laws from the Federal Bench, deepened political divides between Republicans and Democrats by saying ‘we won, you lost” so no cooperation, created a divide that is separating Hollywood and the entertainment industry generally from traditional America, deepened intra-religious divides separating Catholics from Catholics, Protestants from Protestants, and Jews from Jews, deepened the divide between labor unions by coddling government workers while ignoring workers in the private industry, and worst of all, by creating a bottomless chasm between this generation of Americans and the next generation by maximizing in every way possible the wholesale murder of the next generation by abortion, while crushing the abortion survivors with a 20-trillion-dollar national debt that will be impossible for them to bear.

Worldwide, Obama has divided international bankers, industrialists, and merchants from their American counterparts by sponsoring trade deals that send American industries and jobs overseas (over 18,000 factories), leaving American workers unemployed (over 30 million of them), has deepened the intelligence divide between the Pentagon, the FBI, and the CIA, has deepened the rift between Mexico and America by conducting his illegal Fast And Furious clandestine shipments of armaments to Mexican drug lords who aim to takeover the Mexican government, while keeping that government ignorant of this trafficking in death, has overthrown the Lybian government in violation of International Law, assassinated Lybia’s president, used the resulting chaos to initiate clandestine armament shipments to overthrow Syria’s president, resulting in the murder of his ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi and arming Muslim terrorists, Has single-handedly created genocidal Middle East terrorism and a refugee exodus by pulling American troops out of Iraq and outsourcing to Russia’s Vladimir Putin American foreign policy in Syria, has deepened the Cold War of America and NATO against Russia and China, has divided our military against foreign civilians by waging war against non-combatants in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, has deepened the Sunni-Shiite division among Muslims by expanding our now seemingly endless wars within Islam that has led to genocide against Christians and flooding Europe and, by not enforcing our immigration laws, America with desperate refugees who, imbedded among them, are Islamic terrorists dedicated to extending their savagery worldwide, by deepening resentments of native-born Americans to immigrants by increasing Latin Americans crossing our Mexican border to invasion levels that include drug dealers, sex-slave traffickers, and other criminals released from Mexican prisons, and worst of all, by making the first priority of American foreign policy “castrating and spaying” the Third World by imposing on its men and women defective condoms that spread AIDS and contraceptive drugs and devices, some outlawed in America, that have deadly (intended?) side-effects such as cancer, sterility, and sexually-transmitted diseases, all with virtually no access to physicians, often in short supply in Africa, with the racist goal of reducing the Third World population so it can’t resist successfully First World economic imperialism.

In my opinion, all of these divisions exist because they are extensions of divisions within Obama himself. His “Black half” was a Kenyan who was hostile to racist British imperialism in Kenya, and came to America partly to escape from it. He correctly saw racism in American as a legacy of British racism. These frustrations may have led to his alcoholism and desertion of Barack when he was a small boy. He returned to Kenya after it became independent from Britain, but British merchants and farmers still dominated its economy and kept the best farmland. Barack’s father died when his car crashed into a tree when he was drunk. I expect all this is why Obama banished the brass bust of Churchill, an ardent imperialist, from the Oval Office as soon as he became President.

Obama’s “White half” gave him the facial features and light coloring that made him welcome in elite institutions, Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, where an education was foisted on him by “Post-Protestant WASPS” (R.R. Reno, Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society, Regnery Faith, 1960). A truly black African American, Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes, might be let in grudgingly. Faculty and administraters were traditionally anti-Catholic, had abandoned Reformation Protestantism, eagerly welcomed secularized Jews, and established a quota system that admitted poor non-white students in amounts giving the image of being inclusive without surrendering one bit of power to them. Black students provided no threat but Asian students did, having ancient civilizations of their own with a strong culture and work ethic that successfully resisted Western Imperialism, notably in India, China, and Japan, but also Iran (Persia) and Vietnam.

The dominant “culture” in elite American academia is Darwinian Evolution. We came from worms and our only destiny is being eaten by worms to become worm excrement; no place for God, if He exists at all, and certainly no place for Biblical concepts of right and wrong, especially regarding sexual morality. After Obama moved to Chicago there have been persistent rumors from the homosexual no-longer-sub culture that Barack was a part of it. It was there where he met and married Michelle, “blacker” than he was and a true descendant of African slaves. She harbored similar animosities that were reinforced by the racist preacher Jeremiah “God damn America!” Wright, whose church they attended for twenty years and who baptized their children. During some of that time, Obama taught Constitutional Law as a temporary part-time adjunct ad-hoc lecturer with no tenure track at the University of Chicago. That must have annoyed him; he is routinely called a tenured “Professor” there now, with no correction from him. It must have been deliciously ironic for Obama, with his salary as a Marxist community organizer paid by Catholic Charities in Chicago, given anti-Catholic provisions he put into “Obamacare”, Federal regulations, and sentiments he voiced publicly, including threats to remove Catholic tax-exempt status.

Most intriguing to me personally is the apparent “war” conducted within Obama himself between his “black” and “white” halves, a war that at times makes him seem almost schizophrenic. Here are some examples. Obama’s family vacations are frequent and always at the most luxurious locations, in America and abroad, patronized almost exclusively by “whites” who are filthy rich, with all Obama’s family expenses paid by American taxpayers. His frequent outings to play golf, at taxpayer expense, are always at private formerly “whites-only” golf clubs owned and operated by filthy-rich “white” people. During and in between his election campaigns, his public appearances are almost always at elite overwhelmingly “white” universities, at Hollywood and Las Vegas “fundraisers” where multi-millionaires are virtually exclusively “white” and African Americans are usually relegated to menial jobs. I am unaware of any Obama visit to a traditionally Black University founded by Black people in the American South, often in dire financial need that a visit by Obama could relieve. Also, I am unaware of any public appearances to devastated inner-city African American communities during his entire presidency, or of any concerted Federal program of his to lift them out of inter-generational poverty. Instead, he allows vandalism and looting that destroys Black-owned businesses in those communities during rioting after a Black man is shot by a policeman. Obama has done nothing to slow the incessant murder of Black youth, including children, during endless internecine gang warfare over control of narcotic-trafficking, sex-slavery, other crimes, and pornography in Chicago which has resulted in over 4000 shootings and many hundreds of killings in his “home town” just in 2016 alone. Black youth who aren’t murdered are often caged for years in Illinois prisons, and other State prisons nationwide. Public inner-city schools are left to languish and private education is penalized. The result of Obama’s neglect in all these areas is deep-seated despair among Black people.

Obama’s “schizophrenia” also dominates his foreign policy as U.S. President. His full-throated demands and political schemes to foist reductions of fossil fuels on populations worldwide, nearly all non-white people, ostensibly to “Save The Planet” from “catastrophic man-caused global warming” is patent propaganda aimed at imposing a global “carbon tax” and at reducing the growing “non-white” Third World population, now that First World “white” people are no longer replacing their population. His foreign policy implements racist provisions recommended in Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 to reduce Third World populations so First World countries, America in particular, would maintain and expand control over Third World natural resources, especially in Africh, which is rich in rare-earth metals essential for computer and microchip technology that sustains American economic, military, and space supremacy. This includes withholding disaster relief until policies to reduce population growth are implemented.

Never mentioned are the many benefits of global warming, natural or manmade. These include (1) a great increase in agricultural production worldwide because carbon dioxide is “oxygen” to plants, (2) a substantial increase in public health because oxygen released by plants is “life” for humans and animals, (3) thawing perennially frozen “permafrost” at high polar latitudes would increase industrial production by one-seventh worldwide and agricultural production by two-sevenths because 18 to 24 hours of summer sunshine at high latitudes allow two harvests annually, (4), open a “New World” to human settlement with cities, factories, highways, and railroads constructed when water from melted permafrost is impounded in hydroelectric dams, (5) sea-ice now covering the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans would melt and greatly increase high-protein food worldwide by opening new fishing grounds, (6) with sea-ice gone or greatly reduced in extent, international trade with the Orient would be substantially improved by opening the Northwest Passage and Northeast Passage across Alaska, Canada, and Russia to year-round shipping in half the time at half the cost, (7) new port cities would sprout all along these new sea routes to transport agricultural and industrial produce worldwide from the formerly permafrost regions of Eurasia and North America, (8) global warming that raised sea level would also expand fishing grounds to include coastal lowlands, (9) recreation and vacation activities would proliferate along new coastlines worldwide, (10) rising sea level that flooded existing coastal cities would create a revolution in science and technology that would create billions of new multi-generational jobs to redesign or relocate these cities.

All of this is jeopardized by the Obama-created frenzy to stop “man-caused global warming” by reducing consumption of fossil fuels with a draconian carbon tax on First World countries and further impoverishing Third World countries where wood and charcoal fires are commonly used for heating and cooking among the poorest people, and fire is used to clear land for economic growth. His ultimate goal is a one-world government run by unelected bureaucrats with a President for Life, him.

Obama’s “legacy” that he craves so obsessively may be permanently poisoning the American electorial system established in the U.S. Constitution. During the 2016 campaigns for President and Congress, the major electronic and print media morphed into an unabashed Ministry of Propaganda for the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party, not surprising because some 95 percent of media people routinely vote that way already. What was new this time was heavy competition from the free media on the Internet, which was more conservative and libertarian, plus assists from small-town television stations and newspapers, round-the-clock Fox News, and talk radio. Also, the liberal-progressive Democrat Establishment nominated the most corrupt and greedy candidate in its sordid history. Hillary Clinton had none of Obama’s personal charm or rhetoric skills honed under the tutelage of Jeremiah Wright, was a compulsive liar, had no empathy for blue-collar America, organized and ran vicious attacks against female “bimbo eruptions” that might compromise her compulsively adulterous husband when he was Governor of Arkansas and U.S. President, encouraged multi-billionaire George Soros to pay goons $1500 a week to disrupt Trump’s campaign rallies, and was in thralldom to the racist filthy rich who financed her campaign and expected to be repaid in full once she became President.

She was in total subservience to Planned Parenthood—as was Obama—which is deeply engaged in implementing its racist foundress Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project to “exterminate the Negro population” (Sanger’s words) nationwide by locating 79 percent of it’s Abortion Auschwitzes (let’s call them what they are) in Black inner-city neighborhoods, keeping the Black thirteen percent of America’s population from becoming over thirty percent without abortion. Democrats in Congress and in State Legislatures fund Planned Parethood’s Negro Project with well over a half-billion taxpayer dollars annually, and more every year. As Obama’s Secretary of State, with unlimited taxpayer funding provided by Obama, Hillary conducted a massive propaganda campaign in Kenya, home of Obama’s father, to instill killing Kenya’s next generation by abortion in Kenya’s Constitution. She succeeded in a public referendum in which she outspent opposition eighty-to-one. In the American election, Hillary had endless money and support from the media, the filthy rich, Hollywood moguls, government workers, academics, minority voters, and labor union bosses. She won the popular vote by three million ballots, legal and illegal. Her campaign was funded by two billion dollars from rich donors who expected enormous paybacks.

Hillary’s opponent was Donald Trump, a multi-billionaire who could not be bought, campaigned mainly through the free Internet, Fox News, and talk radio, spent a tenth as much or less, ran an exhaustive campaign from beginning to end, took on all comers, promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington, drew enormous crowds numbering tens of thousands at all campaign stops, openly courted blue-collar voters, military voters, retired and student voters, middle-class voters, poor Black and Hispanic voters by telling them “What have you got to loose?”, fervent Evangelical and staunchly Catholic voters, and pro-life voters, by promising to defund Planned Parenthood and keep subversive lawyers off the Supreme Court. “The Donald” courted voters in depressed rust-belt Midwest states impoverished by Obama’s job-killing trade deals, high taxes, and crushing regulations, all supported by Hillary. He won an electoral landslide in the Electoral College.

Since the election, Obama, the Clintons, their lapdog media, the Democrat Party, and ruling-class elites have tried every way possible to reverse the result and make Hillary President or at least discredit President Trump. This ranged from claiming without proof that Russia’s Vladimir Putin “stole” the election by leaking pirated e-mailings exposing corruption in the Clinton Campaign, to blaming FBI Director James Comey with his press conference that enumerated Hillary’s violations of State Department rules, to “unfair” exposures of the tax-free “charitable” Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering operation to bribe foreign governments and investors into making “contributions” to gain illegal favors when Hillary was Secretary of State, to make Electors in the Electoral Collage change their votes from Trump to Clinton using bribes, threats including murder, and incessant intimidating phone calls and e-mailings at all hours to wear-down Elector resistance, all approved by Obama, and as a last ditch to replace the Electoral Collage with a popular vote where Democrat ballots in New York City and Los Angeles determine all national elections.

Barack Obama reminds me of “Joe Btfsplk“ in Li’l Abner cartoons by Al Capp when I was a boy. Joe, with his unprounceable name, was a wee character shabbily dressed in black with a black hat and a raincloud over his head that constantly poured rain on him and sent down bolts of lightning. Disasters followed him everywhere he went, even though he meant well. The good news is one month from today “Joe” will be shorn of power. The bad news is he will still be at large, free to devote full-time to destroy Christian America and inflame the world with his divide-and-conquer schemes.

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