Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Problem of “Nomophobia”

Michael Bray
18 June, 2016

One of the great examples of political propaganda nomenclature of our time is the term “homophobe.” Communicators, cultural revolutionaries, and activists of all sorts delight in the use of clever – even nefarious –  neologisms to advocate for a principle or cause.  For example, political euphemisms such as  “liberal” and “progressive” are appropriated for totalitarian communism or other Lawless forms of  atheistic statism. Referencing, on the other hand,  disfavored governments, we use terms like “regime” and “tyrant” rather than “administration” and “governor.”  So it is when we wish to make something bad look good or  the reverse.  We make us of terminology to advance our ideologies and preferences.

The creation of the “homophobe” neologism served the purposes of those who sought to decriminalize sodomy and to advance its normalization.   Anyone who sought to maintain the “old morality” (e.g. Biblical, historical, and cultural) was labeled with the pejorative term by which he could be degraded and silenced.   And those propagandists who have employed such a clever and simple tactic have been successful.  That which was formerly known as sodomy, practiced by sodomites, has become “the gay life style, practiced by “gay people.”  And more recently, the solemnization of such relationships in what was is now called “same-sex marriage” has been achieved so that the holy institution of marriage has been degraded by its association with decadence and perversion.

So what might be a practical linguistic response to such subversive tactics? A counter-propaganda term to reference those who attack the historic and divinely ordained morality and family structure ought to  be brought into play.  We propose “nomophobia.”   Which is to say “fear of law.”  In particular, the Law of God would be in view.  It is this Law of God which is feared (and despised) by those who attack and pervert it to suit their own Lawless lifestyles.   Indeed, along with the fear is a true hatred of the Law along with the God who issued the decree: “You shall not commit adultery” (a heading which subsumes all capital sex crimes such as sodomy and bestiality).

In their nomophobic mind-set, God-haters prefer to be out from under His commands, living the libertine life of Lawless self-service resulting in a perverted “pursuit of happiness.”  And these who suffer from nomophobia tend to be misopedists (child-haters) as well, because children, like pests, get in the way of the personal pursuit of happiness and must, therefore,  be expunged (aborted).  The command to “be fruitful and multiply” – a hallmark of the old Christian morality –  is a an obstacle to the modern pleasure-hunting nomophobe.

A note, then, to all the “straight” (i.e. Law-revering) people out there. The next time you find yourself under criticism because you love God and His law, just explain to your critics that as a God-lover you are, accordingly,  a “nomophile” – a Law lover.   And then urge them to get a grip on their nomophobia and practice some tolerance.


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