Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Letter to Pastor Jimenez (June 2016)

The letter below was prompted by the news story reported in the L.A. Times per this link: < http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-pastor-praises-orlando-killings-video-sermon-20160614-snap-story.html >

16 June, 2016

Pastor Roger Jimenez
Verity Baptist Church
2850 Northgate Blvd
Suite #2 Sacramento, CA 95833


Dear Pastor Jimenez,

I wrote the following note to many friends of mine around the nation:

Pastor Jimenez of Sacramento, California properly evaluated the killings of the criminal sodomites.   The state has not only failed (criminally) to prosecute sodomites, it has approved and applauded such behavior. When a man took up the law and acted prophetically in demonstration of the state’s duty to prosecute and punish evil doers, the state authorities ought to have recognized their dereliction of duty and repented.

In the context of this manifest failure of the state, it was appropriate to praise, rather than condemn, the deeds of the lone prophetic actor, albeit a renegade, who though not a follower of God, acted nevertheless in the role of His servant.

Pastor Jimenez is under heat from the community and his congregation for speaking out thusly in contrast to the cowardly silent pastors across the land who have tucked their tails between their legs and hid in the shadows.

Write him a letter of encouragement or go to the web sit above and send the church an email.



My prayers will go up continually on your behalf – that you stand firm in the Truth and remain without fear of the consequences of that stand.

Be sure you are sound in all that you say and then stand resolutely.  I hope to write my own commentary on your situation and then to post it at my site.   Please know that I have undergone a similar pressure when I, as a pastor, defended those who used force to defend the innocent children of the womb.



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