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Yishai Schlissel and the Israeli Sodomites

Michael Bray
1 August, 2015


Yishai Schlissel and the Israeli Sodomites
What is a Righteous Jew to Do?

Yishai Schlissel, a devout Jew, indeed an Orthodox one living in Israel, stabbed six sodomy advocates who were marching in a parade in promotion of the commission of  a capital crime (under the Law of God).  The BBC (30 July, 2015) reported without comment on the diverting responses of two Israeli leaders.  President Reuven Rivlin condemned the stabbing as a “terrible hate crime.”  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the attack “a most serious incident.”  I can appreciate that response.

Now this Israel, the modern state, is a nation established putatively as the People of God.  And many Christians honor them in some way as a people whose ancestors received God’s law and to whom the Savior came and died.  And to the extent that Christians,  with a certain misplaced theological  nostalgia,  regard modern Israel with some kind of reverence,  let them pause and  take stock of that  affinity.  Ought  Christians to  have respect and friendly sentiments toward secular, Godless, modern Israelis?

Or ought Christians to affix their special admiration upon those, like Schlissel, who hearken back to the Law of their heritage, the very Law which we Christians supposedly affirm to be truly from God?  Christians (historic, orthodox, biblical), in recognition of the failure of  Israel (ancient and modern) to acknowledge the Savior of those who have violated the Law, the very Messiah, Jesus, deny that Jews have an understanding of  the most important of all truth, salvation through the crucifixion of the Messiah Jesus.  All modern Jews have this “problem,” as it were.  But the other great deficiency of modern Jews is the general rejection of the Law as applicable to modern states – or to themselves.

This is where the likes of Schlissel are  of  particular interest.  He is noteworthy as a Jew who believes in the Law of God.  He holds to the proposition that the modern state of Israel is the continuance of God’s people on the land He had promised to be theirs from antiquity.  This Jew, who looks forward to advancing the Kingdom which begins in Israel and extends to all the world, is one who looks hopefully to the Church and its servant priests who like to move and  lead.

How is it that many American Christians maintain a sentimental and real military alliance with a nation that neither loves the Law nor the Gospel?   We us return our thoughts to Schlissel who certainly loves the Law, if not the Gospel; at least he is one for two and in that he is ahead of most many pagan American politicians who are zero for two.

Schlissel is worthy of praise.  And the least, we must refuse to categorically condemn his deeds.  It is not simply his sacrificial devotion to truth and  justice which commends him.  This was his second mission.  Indeed, he had stabbed three people in another sodomy-celebrating parade in Israel in 2005 and had been sentenced therefrom to 12 years.  He had been released three days before the 30 July – what shall we call it? – “cleansing,” maybe?   His deed, quite easily argued, was one of selfless love for  justice with its attendant hate for wickedness.   One cannot truly love a thing without hating its opposite.  Quite simply, if a person loves the Law, he hates Lawlessness.  The converse is true.  If a person does not truly and thoroughly hate Evil, he does not thoroughly love Good.

Working through these truths in this fallen world is not always easy.  To be sure, the posture of many Christians has become one of lazy, and maybe comfortable, deference to “the law” – whatever those pagan civil authorities conjure it to be.  Such is the peaceful toleration afforded to pagan government by acquiescent Christians, that we have countenanced the butchering of innocent human beings for over a generation to the tune of (anybody counting?) 50-plus million.  And most recently, in the course of such submission to Lawlessness, we have watched and tolerated the evil buffoons, with their Supreme Court edicts, as they have blasphemed holy matrimony by elevating sodomy to the same glory of marriage.  Yes, they have sanctified sodomites as “man and wife.”

The doctrinal “theology proper” ramifications for this blasphemy are pernicious beyond simple sexual perversion. The typological imagery of holy marriage – the relationship between God and His people – is doubly assaulted. The elevation of sodomite union to marriage is not only a desecration of that which is holy, it is a direct assault upon the doctrine of God and the doctrine of the church (the salvation of humanity).

When one considers the simple theological Christian truth regarding the One true God who died for the Church, the Bride of Christ, he cannot help but wonder at the typology of “man and man” in marriage.   This dyad god, man and man, is not the God of the Christian Faith –  the Triune God.  Neither member of the dyad gives his life for the Church, descendants of Adam.  The dyad has no bride and no children for he lives and dies.  There is no Savior God and  no salvation.  Indeed, there is no Church.  There are no offspring, no sons and daughters of God, no people created in His image.  The dyad of this sodomy-based religion is,  simply, false

So what about Yishai Schlissel?

Give him the praise that is due him.  And if a Christian is interested in saving his soul, he will have to acknowledge in Mr. Schlissel a love for the Law which St. Paul himself would have honored (“they have a zeal for God”- Rom. 10:2).   Schlissel’s sin of omission in failing to bow to Jesus, Messiah is a serious matter indeed for him to  answer for on  Judgment Day.  But he will have a hard time hearing the Message from those who have no zeal for Truth and do not abominate that which is evil.  Schlissel’s action in support of justice in abhorrence of blasphemy is worthy of commendation.


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