Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Democracy: Two Sides to Every Issue!

Michael Bray December, 2013

The popularity of “freedom” is such that the lust for it trumps concerns for the rights of those who aren’t fashionable among the liberators –  those, saviors,  who are liberating humanity from any laws which inhibit . . . “freedom.”  Primary among the oppressors are those pesky “anti-choicers” who would impose their laws on women’s bodies.   So on goes the Crusade for freedom from marriage, freedom from sexual stereotypes, freedom from tradition, freedom from religion, and – most of all, freedom from the Law . . . of God.  On goes the crusade for Secularism.  But there is no freedom for those who wish to be free from blasphemers, free from adulterers, free from fornicators, free from those who shed innocent blood.

“There are two sides to every issue” goes the popular mantra among folks who just want to get along.  The dictum is a handy tool for those in pursuit of change with no particular reference point of authority.  One can admit any point of view, any ethical system or non-system, in the absence of a Standard.  This is the malady of modern, secularist democracies.  Although descended Christian monarchies and republics, the republics of the West have succumbed to the Truthlessness of Post Modernism.  There are no constitutional principles grounded in any transcendent and eternal Law proceeding from God.  Law derives, rather, from human necessity and evolves in like manner with the presumed biological parallel world – a progressing world in which humans and all other animals rise ever upward from the same slime.

Yes, one can murder babies, commit sodomy, and desecrate holy marriage with impunity because what was once wrong has been decriminalized.  The Law along with God has been dethroned. Yes, and citizens of the Modern nations have exchanged the Triune God for Aphrodite and Eros and Athena.  And they can expect bestiality and pedophilia to soon be decriminalized, as there is no longer any Law to stand against such.

The way of Democracy, when “Demo” – Lawless people – rule rather than God, is to approach any Standard with the challenge – “Well there are two sides to any issue.”  And if Right is not right and Wrong is not wrong, then either side is right and either side is wrong.  There is no ability to discriminate between Right and Wrong.  The concepts are obliterated by the absence of Law.  All is evolution.  “Right” can evolve into “Wrong” and “Wrong” can evolve into “Right.”  

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” said George Bush I.  And his statement had a point.  There are opposing perspectives held by combatants of warring armies.  But the dictum does not address the matter of Law.  It was by international Law that we judged the actions of other nations and call them “war crimes” (per Nuremberg). The fact of war does not invalidate the concept of “international law” or, more essentially, divine Law (which, we aver, has proceeded from God in the Scriptures).   

The race-based apartheid finds doctrinal support not in the Scriptures, but in evolutionary theses.   Man divides into various strands according to an ever-improving process of selective evolution.  Some strands of humanity have taken a natural path of selection by which servitude is the design and purpose of the Process.  Some are naturally fit for some vocations and some for others.  These are inherent features.  This was the thesis of Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of Planned Parenthood.  Some types of humanity are fit for labor.  Others are fit for scholarship.  Some, particularly those carrying undesirable genes, ought to be eliminated from the human family and relieve it of impure and undesirable flaws.    

It is the biblical doctrine of the imago Dei which affords all of mankind an inherent value upon which rests the proscription of Lawless killing (murder), enslavement, or maiming of any member of the race. Simple Democracy, dissociated from this Law, can afford no basis for the establishment of true human dignity and protection of human rights.


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