Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Suppressing the Truth to Keep the World Safe for Abortion

Michael Bray

3 July, 2013

Ben Curell took an ax and gave a Bloomington, Indiana abortuary 40 whacks  – or so – on 11 April, 2013.   Six days prior,  R.C.  Sproul and Doug Wilson delivered lectures sponsored by Clearnote Campus Fellowship, a student outreach arm of Clearnote Church, Indianapolis, of which Ben Curell is a member.

The Sproul/Wilson connection was touted on April 29, 2013 in a blog published by one Libby Anne, a self-identified  ex-Christian, as an item of interest. (See it here : http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2013/04/did-r-c-sproul-jr-incite-anti-abortion-violence.html).

Miss Libby Anne wishes to give some “credit” to the pastors and mentors of Mr. Curell along with the two guest lecturers with Curell’s deed.  These preachers against abortion are to blame because they turn regular citizens into violent fanatics by their preachments against grave sins like child-slaughter and sodomy.


By telling people that abortion is murder, they arouse them to act forcefully against it.

Because these men had spoken so directly concerning  the wickedness of sodomy and abortion (arousing one in the audience to take up an ax) they must be accountable – and therefore morally culpable.  When they identify abortion with murder, they  – quite naturally – arouse indignation and inspire retaliation (or rescue; this intention being more justifiable as a deed executed by the private citizen).  See the commentary, for example here by one, Mark Lee: http://thewriter58.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/its-not-our-fault/#comment-1323

Lee takes Curell’s church to task for their statement of disassociation from their member: “We are convinced Ben’s actions were not justifiable civil disobedience. The elders and pastors have met with Ben and admonished him.”

Let us consider what we have here.  Mr. Lee knows the pastors are inconsistent, but doesn’t personally like the Truth-claim regarding the evil of abortion.   Miss Libby, an apostate, doesn’t care about Truth, thinks abortion is okay, and wishes to embarrass the Bible teachers, whose words might inspire more of the same Samson-like boldness displayed by Ben Curell, into silence.  Repeats of such deeds would be lethal to baby aborting liberty.  The teaching of Sproul and Wilson is quite unwanted by the champions of “abortion rights.”

It may well be that Miss Libby can get these preachers at least to maintain several arms’ lengths distance from this sticky fellow.  His company must be made as attractive as a tar baby (or Jesus during Holy Week).  Sproul and Wilson must be charged with irresponsible preaching – at the least.  (“Can we get a FACE charge out of this?”).

Yes, this truth about abortion (child-slaughter) and “gay lifestyle” (sodomy) must not be so candidly decried as murder and perversion lest citizens be incited to oppose such deeds in earnest!  No matter that the nature of the evil at issue is essentially as follows:  1) abortionists commit mass murder of children and 2) sodomists invite a holocaust from God in judgment of sexual perversion.

So Miss Libby urges her audience to take heed and oppose the speech of such folks who lecture against child slaughter and sodomy because said speech induces the likes of those gullible Christian disciples, like Ben Curell, to act upon the truth which they are taught.  (My, oh my, isn’t free speech a problem when the wrong guys are exercising it!)

Well, Miss Libby, we seem to have a problem of conflicted world views, honey.  I wonder which one is going to prevail as the Kingdom of God continues to advance in the world and Judgment Day comes.

Indeed, judgment is here as is Christ who rules now as King.  And justice will prevail.  Baby killers will stop butchering children and sodomy will be re-criminalized and judged civilly and it always has in Christian civilization.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Were they still saying that prayer before you abandoned the Faith?  Might be good to try it again with a repentant heart before that Day.

As it is, all citizens – for and against abortion – will have to suffer the judgments which will surely fall upon this blood-soaked land.   Until that Day we shall pray for a Christian king or Republic who will set things right and show mercy to the innocents and justice to those who pervert what is good and murder the innocents.



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