Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionist Eric Schaff

CACN, Spring, 1999
Abortionist Eric Schaff

Featured in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle (25 April) as a benevolent “champion of the underdog” under the byline, “Abortion Provider Refuses to Hide.”

Why such praise? He was a pediatrician specializing in “adolescent medicine.” Lo and behold, “Each year about 300 of his patients became pregnant – and half wanted to [slaughter their babies].” And, being a perspicuous fellow, he perceived that “Teens are a voiceless segment of our society – they are minors, women. They don’t have transportation. They don’t have money.” How, then, would they eliminate their babies? How could he help?

He could become an abortionist! “Four years ago, he became certified to perform surgical” baby killings. He provides the “service” for free “when they can’t pay.”

Yes, a philanthropic abortionist he his. He cares! A community man, “he also led local campaigns aimed at reducing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In 1991, he spearheaded Condom Sense, a free condom distribution program.”

And he is a scientists too! “He is a leading researcher in testing the controversial French abortion pill RU-486.”

But our kind servant of humanity does not have peace of mind. “So unnerved was he by the sniper slaying of [Abortionist] Barnett Slepian . . . that Schaff requested the protection of federal marshals and spent thousands of dollars on home security. . . The periodic Sunday morning pickets infuriate Schaff.” He says, “What is the purpose of their coming to my house? Are they there to intimidate me? To pray for me?”

(Perhaps imprecatorily. The fall will come again. And terminated abortionist providers still lurk here and there.)

“Schaff is already thinking ahead to November – and Remembrance Day.” He observes the fact that “The Slepian shooting sent the message, ‘We can reach you anywhere. We can reach you in your home.” (Indeed, the same place abortionists reach womb children.)

Schaff says, “My wife wishes I’d do something else, but she knows I won’t change . . . The best I can do is to increase security to become a less vulnerable target. But Slepian was shot three weeks ahead of time, so I’ll have to be more conscious the whole time – and the rest of my life.”

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