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Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

Snarr, Civil Rights, and THE Issue at Hand

22 Feb., 2017 As reported by Neil Snarr in the Journal (21 Feb., 2017) there was in Wilmington an  anti-slavery newspaper published from 1851-1855, The Herald of Freedom, edited  one John W. Chaffin.  I was delighted to read about it. To the glory of Biblical truths and justice and to the credit of these Christian […]

By What Standard, Feldmeyer?

10   Nov., 2016 I was glad to see Mr. Steed returned to service as a County Commissioner.  He knows something about running a business and maintaining services within a budget.  Politicians would do well to learn that skill prior to running for office. But more important even than such budgetary wisdom, perhaps, is the embrace of […]

Hitlery and Other Apostate United Methodists

27 Oct., 2016 It is not John or Charles Wesley or George Whitfield that I despise.  No, as a good Lutheran fellow, I appreciate any fellow Christian with a high (i.e. historic) view of the Scriptures and the defining Creeds of the Faith.  And that Faith is affirmed by historic Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Roman Catholics, […]

Kim Davis, Unwanted Witness to the Truth

A brief commentary is offered by  David French, September 3, 2015, in National Review: Kentucky federal judge David Bunning has ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail, holding her in contempt of court for failing to affix her signature to gay-marriage licenses. Here’s Judge Bunning justifying his decision: “The court cannot condone the willful […]

Sodomy: What Say, in History, the Churches of God?

Michael Bray 20 February, 2014 McClintock and Strong produced the Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, published by Harper and Brothers, 1867-1887, reprinted by Baker Book House Company in 1981.  I bought by own copy within a few years of that date and remain gratified by the usefulness of the set – a wealth […]

Capital Punishment and the Pope

CACN, Spring, 1997 In concert with one of the fundamental laws of theological liberalism, the pope is fighting the death penalty.  He opposes capital punishment for people who commit capital crimes.  Three times in 1996, the pope sought to intercede in U.S. executions.  The latest beneficiary, Joseph O’Dell, was convicted of raping, sodomizing, and strangling […]

The D.C. Quake (August 2011): An Interpretation

25 August 2011 Some might say that presidents are rolling over in their graves and shaking the capital city. Indeed, there is plenty of indignation to be had by anyone in possession of moral sensibilities. (Hint: Lawless sodomy and abortion are at the top of the list.) The Washington National Cathedral was the most damaged […]

Those Glossy NEA Political Fliers

18 September 2004 Letters to the Editor The Columbus Dispatch 34 S 3rd St. Columbus, OH 43215   Those Glossy Politicking NEA Mailings   I wonder how many more of those glossy 8 ½ x 14 inch pro-John Kerry mailings I am going to receive from the National Education Association.  So far three have arrived […]

60 Minutes and Lutherans

CACN, Spring, 1999 60 Minutes and Lutherans Opposite the truthful Lutheran pastor (your very editor-in-chief) appeared a false teacher, one Richard Dowhower, pastor of a local Lutheran church in Bowie which is part of the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA was created in 1988 from the merging of three Lutheran denominations: the […]

Schenk’s Sloppy Doctrine

CACN, Spring, 1999 Schenk’s Sloppy Doctrine I enjoyed some fellowship with Rob Schenk on a Christian talk radio show in St. Louis. The subject was the use of force to stop abortionist from committing murder. Rob Schenk is the pastor who helped organize the Buffalo “Spring of Life Campaign” in the mid 80s under the […]

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