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Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

60 Minutes and Lutherans

CACN, Spring, 1999 60 Minutes and Lutherans Opposite the truthful Lutheran pastor (your very editor-in-chief) appeared a false teacher, one Richard Dowhower, pastor of a local Lutheran church in Bowie which is part of the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA was created in 1988 from the merging of three Lutheran denominations: the […]

Schenk’s Sloppy Doctrine

CACN, Spring, 1999 Schenk’s Sloppy Doctrine I enjoyed some fellowship with Rob Schenk on a Christian talk radio show in St. Louis. The subject was the use of force to stop abortionist from committing murder. Rob Schenk is the pastor who helped organize the Buffalo “Spring of Life Campaign” in the mid 80s under the […]

“Prolife” Response to Rudolph

CACN, Winter, 1998 Eric Rudolph bombed the New Woman All Women Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama at 0733 on January 29, 1998. Robert Sanderson, a 35-year-old off-duty police officer working as a security guard, was killed and Nurse Emily Lyons, 41, was seriously injured. “Prolife” Response to Rudolph Texas Right to Life Committee, Inc. issued a […]

Placerville: A Hate Free City!

April, 2008 Placerville: A Hate Free City! “Move to Placerville, California Where No One Hates Anyone!” Mayoral Breaches in California When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom authorized the issuance of marriage licenses in 2004 to sodomite pairs (referred to with increasing frequency as “gay and lesbian couples” or for the really progressive – “gay and […]

Lutherans for Life (Fail!)

CACN, Spring, 1998 Lutherans for Life Sadly, they are as deluded as all the other establishment pro-life organizations. A press release was issued on 16 April by the organization immediately after the 60 Minutes feature. It proclaimed: “Bray does not represent Lutherans.” Moreover, “all of us who are upset and repulsed by Bray’s extremism . […]

Flip the Stalker

26 July, 2011 Flip the Stalker http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/07/02/2423347/anti-abortion-activist-guilty.html On 2 July, 2011, the Charlotte Obsever reported as follows: A Mecklenburg County jury Friday found a local anti-abortion activist guilty of stalking a Charlotte doctor by distributing posters with abortion doctors’ names and photos and bearing words “Wanted.” Flip Benham was charged with misdemeanor stalking after authorities […]

Conservatives and Prolifers

CACN, Winter, 1998 Conservatives and Prolifers Mark Crutcher’s Lime 5 is a devastating account of the both the damage and death abortion has caused mothers as well as the abuse of women who seek redress in the court system. In the introduction of the book, Crutcher says: “As president of Life Dynamics, Inc. – an […]

Dopey GOPers

CACN, Fall 1996 Dopey GOPers After the senate failed to override Ahab’s veto of the bill to outlaw “partial-birth” infanticide, several Christian church leaders, theologians, and pundits who had gathered in D.C. expressed their disgust to the press. Now that two of three branches (and most of the third?) publicly supported the killing of the […]

On My Honor: Morally Straight

Michael Bray, 2008 On My Honor: Morally Straight The Betrayal of the Next Generation The Boy Scouts Of America have come under heavy fire for excluding professed homosexuals from membership. Some Councils have wavered, but they have not buckled under as the Girl Scouts of America have. Cradle of Liberty Council, a division of the […]

AMA Apostates Damn Themselves

CACN, Winter 1998 AMA Apostates Damn Themselves In the wake of the aborting of Abortionist Slepian, The American Medical Association furthered its disgraceful solidarity with American childslaughter. The once-prestigious organization issued a press release (2 Nov.) expressing its goal “to protect our colleagues.” By regarding baby killers as colleagues, they associate themselves with the apostates […]

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