Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Apostasy Cowardice or Buffoonery

On Pandemic Panic

“Do not forsake the assembly”  (“except for persecution and pandemics,” says Second Delusions, Chapter 2?).  Maybe church leaders wish there were some pseudepigraphal dictates in some dusty scrolls somewhere which might justify their closing of church doors during the latest flu (Corona) season.  When Christians in times past faced not a little sickness, but execution […]

Masked Folk in Need of the Gospel!

Just finished a walk around my town.  It’s a thing I do once, sometimes twice, a day.  We live in downtown Wilmington, Ohio, just a few blocks from the major buildings: the Catholic Church and the city haul.  It is 27 July, hot out, and folks are backing off from the masking.  Businesses are dropping […]

Biden, Holiness, and Church Membership

Sorry, brethren, but I am puzzled, disheveled, disgusted, perturbed, disappointed, and pissed-off at the ongoing toleration by the Roman Catholic Church of Joe Biden on its membership roll.   How has this disgusting, Holocaustian, pervert (!) remained on the membership roles of the “Holy” Catholic Church? What does this policy do for those of us “Protestants” […]

Why Do the Heathen Rage?

(I know it is not the Christmas season, but . . .) The same question might be asked about Christians or “conservatives” when they are found complaining about 1) Critical Race Theory or 2) child slaughter (a.k.a. abortion or “reproductive health”(!)).  Why do these strange Bible-thumpers object to such freedoms?  Why is “whitey” – the […]

Is Father Gilespie Some Kind of Whore?

Or is he just a coward? Why give the Lord’s Supper to an unrepentant sinner? I.e., a sinner who continues in his sin without repentance?  Discipline for flagrant sinning is Christianity 101! Good that folks at LifeNews are putting out this important information.  Biden ought to get no Supper from an authentic church.  What is with the Romanists?  […]

Fools Running Wild

I think of those fools running wild, No guidance, like a motherless child, Those who the truth love to contort And justify those babies to abort. Foul are their ways all of their days Serving their own pleasure always. But a reckoning will swiftly come And their rhetoric will look real dumb When they babble […]

Jared Huffman

Rep. Jared Huffman is an ass Wants to give morality a pass. Knows nothing about justice and Law; Thinks they’re a matter of the maw Of any Tom, Dick or Harry Who on the ethics ventures a query. But that’s not the way of Moses Got the message right down from the Boss

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