Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Brave Hearts and Black Hearts

Michael Bray Life Advocate Magazine May, 1996 Brave Hearts and Black Hearts Braveheart was a fine film. The good guys won. Justice and freedom prevailed in the end. And those who were shot the moon shot the moons with arrows. Timeless Biblical themes. Confessedly, it was violent. It took us beyond the elementary principle of […]

Reno Update

Michael Bray 28 March, 1996 Press Release: Here follows a report on Reno’s recent VAAPCON (Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy) antics along with PP-inspired prosecutions. • Dave Lane convicted in Denver Was convicted by a jury on 12 March for performing a $25,000 procedure on Abortionist Charles Gartner’s building. With a sledge hammer, Mr. Lane […]

Foreward to Tidewater!

Michael Bray Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1996 A Little National News . . . for the Radical Fringe Tank Lady Update Hey, fringies! Good be with you again. The Feds are back in town spending millions to bring anti-abortionists to (Reno-style) justice for $500 in damages. They packed up their star chamber equipment and […]

$5 Million for $5 Hundred?

Michael Bray 19 March, 1996 Dear Op-Ed editor: A short piece on the ongoing mischief of Reno’s VAAPCON in Norfolk. $5 Million for $5 Hundred? The feds, having plundered the lives of decent citizens for 14 months (including the 2-month jailing of Cheryl Richardson), have moved on to Norfolk. The conclusion of that abuse of […]

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