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Author of A Time To Kill


Treacherous “Prolifers”

8 Oct., 2020 On Those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors On those Treacherous “Prolifers” Who Condemn the Saviors Now, let’s not get excited.  Nothing blasphemous here.  I mean savior with a small “s.”  It is capitalized above part of the title.  It references ne who saves babies from being butchered by means of direct, […]

I Don’t Think Reddy Was Ready

Helen Reddy She will always, sadly, be known for her blasphemous song about the Lord Almighty, even the Savior, Jesus in the musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar.  “He’s a man.  He’s just a man” in rejection of the claims of his followers, the Scriptures, and Jesus, Himself, to His deith.  No, Helen.  He wasn’t – and […]

“Oureia Ekbole”

That would be the transliteration of the expression which references “children exposed on the mountains” according to Euripedes as noted in my Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott, 7th edition).  One finds this information when looking up the single word “ekbole” which means 1) “a throwing” and 2) “ejectment, banishing the cargo overboard.”  It is not […]

Personal Whining and Lamentations

On the failure of people to give honor to whom honor is due, I have some reflections.  And, yes, one of those who was not given due honor him is I! (Imagine that.  Assign it to human nature and personal perspective.)  I suppose everyone could write such an essay.  Nevertheless, here I indite my own […]

You Know You’re An Ass

You know you’re an ass So you hit that grass Trying to escape your sin. Oh the din of that life Rife with all that strife And what to do with yourself? Oh but the wealth That is stored up and ready For the taking Raking it in by the Spirit Who lives and moves […]

The Corona Blessing: The Almighty Brings Parents to Maturity

4 Aug., 2020 For some, the virus has served to compel improvements in parenting.  Careers cans serve as an escape from the duty to “parent,” to “rear,” – indeed to “disciple” one’s children.  Parenting is a labor that some, to their discredit, are happy to circumvent or attenuate.  Careers sometimes provide a relief from that […]

Children Leaving

They fall awayLike leaves from treesAnd we remain to rememberThose smiles and criesAnd all the adviceWe tried to them to renderThey reproduce By the will of the LordOff into the wide world they goAnd where they land no one knowsBut the Good One aboveBy His power and loveWill lead them everForsaking them neverThis we know […]

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