Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Good Riddance

All Hail Jael!

(Sisera, terminated, Judges 4) He was the commander of King Jabin’s army (king of Canaan).  He ruled with 900 chariots in Canaan oppressing the Israelites for twenty years.  In such appalling conditions, a woman, Deborah, was raised up as a prophetess to lead Israel.  Her place of administration was the shade of a palm tree […]

Shamgar Delivers

Shamgar struck 600 with an ox goad; Down went those nasty Philistines. But Israel just couldn’t get it right And did evil again after Ehud died. So the Lord turned ’em over to King Jabin. Had a commander Sisera with 900 men. With chariots they bugged Israel 20 years, But Deborah became Israel’s boss And […]

Had a Short Consort

To the tune of “Merry Month of May” Went out on a date one day Wouldn’t have it any other way Had a short consort But she would not abort Had to bid him “Go away!” There a moral to the tale, trust me Can’t be what you want to be If you do what […]

Who Lived in Arabah?

Who lived in Arabah Across from Gilgal? Those Canannaites O what a fright! Wicked as they were They were nothing but punks. When the Lord was through O what could they do? When He said, “Dispossess! Bring on the stress!” What a mess He made of their heads; It was full blown dread. Said to […]

On the Next Abortionist Extirpation

Are we ready when it happens?  When God raises up a martyr who gives his live to save others, are we ready to come to his defense and urge for his vindication?  Where do we stand on the issue of terminating unwanted abortionists?  Do we defend those who abort abortionists?  Do we uphold the right […]

I Don’t Think Reddy Was Ready

Helen Reddy She will always, sadly, be known for her blasphemous song about the Lord Almighty, even the Savior, Jesus in the musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar.  “He’s a man.  He’s just a man” in rejection of the claims of his followers, the Scriptures, and Jesus, Himself, to His deith.  No, Helen.  He wasn’t – and […]

(Illegal Poetry)

Revival!Abortuaries were burning Across the fruited plain!A soothing aroma was going up to heavenThe angels were rejoicingRevival had come to God’s frozenA new era had dawned and peopleWere finally coming around. Glory!Sodomites and abortionistsWere hanging in the public squaresOf every city on gallowses!Then I awoke. It was only a dream. June, 2020

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