Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Defending the Defenders

Nationalism and Abortion Intolerance

Nationalism, like family, is a principle, and a good, worth promoting and defending.  Both are blessings from God.  He ordained these social organizations.  And, yes, they change as people relocate or die.  The boundaries of nations also change from time to time. And so do the boundaries of families when new associations are formed in […]

BLM Bullshit

Anybody calling out these left-wing punks?  These anarchist, pro-abort, commie frauds posing as champions of racial justice?  The cause for this particular rant is the report on the conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin.  I know nothing the man’s personal life; I have only read of the tragic death which occurred in the line of duty […]

Stop the Harm

Let us not fail To respond to the call Upon every follower of Christ To defend the innocents. No abortuary may stand In the land where Christians band Together to worship the King Who rules the earth and all nations. There is no excuse To tolerate the abuse Of innocents in the womb Send bloody […]

Relief From the Devil’s Spell

How easy it is to point That finger at our fathers And rail about their slavery And all that segregation While we sit about in ease Seeking only ourselves to please Sucking up our comfort and wealth While the blood of innocents flows. We click those keys for the “net” And get our news while […]

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