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Defending the Defenders

Courts and Truth?

Michael Bray 30 Jan., 2014 Forget it as Long as they Reject The Law of God and Sanctity of Human Life Here follows Bray’s Commentary on Kansas Justices’ questioning of Roeder defense attorney, Rachel Pickering. Scott Roeder is before the Kansas Supremes in his appeal following conviction for the murder of Abortionist George Tiller.  At […]

Judge Nicholas (“Conqueror of the People”) McNamara

Michael Bray August, 2013 Judge Nicholas McNamara insults Baby Defender, Ralph Lang as follows: “Your religious certainty is so superior you thought you have the right to kill your intended victims. Instead, you’ve lost the right to be among us.”  So pontificates Dane County Circuit Judge Nicholas McNamara to Defendant Ralph Lang with . . […]

The Murder of God’s Prophet: In the Year of our Lord 2003

Michael Bray 2 August 2003 Reflections on Paul Hill, John Brown, and Stonewall Jackson, along with  Flip, Schummer, Al Qaeda, David Gunn, and more On 19 February, 2003, a classified F.B.I. intelligence bulletin was issued to state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country warning authorities to be on the alert for “lone terrorists.”  […]

David Jeremiah is No Jeremiah

Michael Bray, 16 July, 2013 That prophet wept over the nation as it rejected his message.  He pressed on right through the judgment that he knew was coming.   He lived through it and gave us Lamentations. He wept for the nation’s idolatry and for the misery that they would suffer because of their sin.  However, […]

Suppressing the Truth to Keep the World Safe for Abortion

Michael Bray 3 July, 2013 Ben Curell took an ax and gave a Bloomington, Indiana abortuary 40 whacks  – or so – on 11 April, 2013.   Six days prior,  R.C.  Sproul and Doug Wilson delivered lectures sponsored by Clearnote Campus Fellowship, a student outreach arm of Clearnote Church, Indianapolis, of which Ben Curell is a […]

John Burt Eulogy

John Burt died in jail at age 76 on 19 April, 2013. The anti-abortion activist was in jail on very doubtful charges of sexual misconduct. He and his wife, Linda, had provided shelter for many years for pregnant women in need of housing. But the Burts were loved by few and despised by many for […]

Angel Dillard A Target of the Obamanation

3 December, 2012 Angel Dillard:  A Target of the Obamanation For Daring to Lend Support and Comfort To Abortionist Terminator, Scott Roeder 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtD8S5SnViQ 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdUgfxaxdNk See Angel Dillard in the first documentary above, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” (2009)  at 1:38-2:12 or catch her in the second, shorter clip.  She is as she appears  – a regular […]

The Popularity of Abortionist Terminators

9 August 2011 The Popularity of Abortionist Terminators The following note to a writer with the Buffalo News was in response to an article he wrote which listed a number of activists who condemned the killing of Abortionist Bernard Slepian. It was sent by email on 21 Nov., 2002 to Lou Michel at the following […]

Arcara and al Qaeda

Michael Bray 26 September 2002 Pro-abortion fanatic, Judge Richard Arcara, has temporarily – and ones hopes finally – lost his control over the fate of baby defenders Dennis Malvasi and Loretta Marra. This man and wife, parents of two young children, had been creatively charged with numerous federal offenses for what amounts to helping a […]

Father John Earl to be Honored

3 October, 2000 Press Release Re: Fr. John Earl of Rochelle, IL and the destruction of the abortuary. Father John Earl to be Honored We were heartened by the news of the damage done to the abortuary in Rockford, Illinois by Fr. John Earl. Anytime the work of childslaughter is abated, God’s people rejoice. And […]

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