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Author of A Time To Kill

Seminar on “Ethics”

By Terry Hughes

14 October 2005

Father Avery Cardinal Dulles, Fordham University

Father Richard Malone, Bishop of Portland

Father Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston

Father Paul Marx, founder, Human Life International

Father Thomas Euteneuer, president, Human Life International

Father Frank Pavone, co-founder, Priests for Life

Father Theodore Hesburgh, president emeritus, Notre Dame University

Father Richard McBrien, Notre Dame University

Father Richard John Neuhaus, founder and editor-in-chief, FIRST THINGS
Father Thomas Carleton, author, THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE

Father Joseph Fessio, founder, Ignatius Press, and provost, Ave Maria University

Judie Brown, founder and president, American Life League

Steven Mosher, president, Population Research Institute (founded by Father Marx)

Joe Scheidler, founder and director, Pro-Life Action League


James Hannink, associate editor, NEW OXFORD REVIEW

Bill Cotter, director, Operation Rescue Boston

Raymond Arroyo, Eternal Word Television Network

Frank Morriss, lead editorialist, THE WANDERER

Mark Crutcher, founder and president, Life Dynamics

Jim Chute, Clerk, Maine Supreme Judicial Court


Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

As to be hated needs but to be seen:

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

–Alexander Pope, ESSAY ON MAN

Dear Padres and Compadres:The Seminar in Media Ethics here at the University of Maine has invited me as a “recognized activist” to speak at their 20 October 2005 meeting. Here is what I’m going to say to them. First, “ethics” is a recent casualty of Orwellian Newspeak. “Ethics” now means finding ways to do what is unethical, while avoiding exposure (and prosecution). The first example is the “Ethics Committees” inside the medical profession that exist to find ways to kill helpless people under their “care.” In media reporting on the Court-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo, this kind of “ethics” appeared in the total media blackout of all the disability-rights groups demanding that her feeding tube be restored and total focus on the vigils outside her hospice by Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, Reverend Patrick Mahoney, and others (Father Pavone?) whom the media had already succeeded in demonizing as “anti-choice terrorists” even though they have harmed no one. Why? The Liberal Media seek death for people who get in the way of The Good Life.

This brings me to my next example, the attempt by the Liberal Media to tie scientists who argue for Intelligent Design to “creationists” whom it has succeeded in dismissing as “wacko” Christian Fundamentalists. Intelligent Design is the scientifically respectable alternative to “Evolution” as the Politically Correct “explanation” for the existence of the Universe and for the existence of Mankind.  “Evolution” is a very malleable word that can be twisted to mean anything, so it “explains” nothing. In cosmology it originally was used to rescue the “Godless” explanation of the Universe as a system that “always existed” and so was never “created” by  a Supreme Being called God. The rescue effort was needed after evidence for creation of the Universe in a “Big Bang” became compelling. When the Universe “evolved” sufficiently, a large number of planets appeared on which life “evolved.” On planet Earth, the method of “evolution” was “natural selection” acting on “random mutations” in the atheistic viewpoint promoted by neo-Darwinists and their Media allies. None of this is scientifically proven. What cosmologists know about the Universe points decisively to the activity of a Supreme Intelligence who has to be a Spirit in order to precede existence of a physical Universe. The oldest and simplest living organisms on Earth are bacteria. Yet their cellular structure, especially the information system that exists as DNA inside their nuclei, cannot be explained by  “random mutations” as the raw material for “natural selection.”  All parts of DNA, and their support system in the nucleus, which in turn needs the support system of its surrounding cellular structure, must be in place and functioning before the bacteria has any functional ability at all, let alone anything we can call “life.” None of this is possible with random mutations because before the bacteria existed there was nothing that could “mutate.” Intelligent Design, on the other hand, accounts for all of this.  When we come to Mankind, we find our DNA differs from that of chimpanzees by only one chromosome, whereas chimpanzees and orangutans differ by three chromosomes. Yet a vast unbridgeable gulf separates us from chimps and no such gulf separates them from orangutans. “Evolution” promoted by neo-Darwinists has no explanation for the gulf because it accepts only material evidence (chromosomes), in which case chimps should be able to do most of what we do. That gulf is manifested as our ability to produce societies that lead to cures of ancient diseases and put men on the moon, not to mention art, literature, music, and all other activities that are possible only if we are the product of Intelligent Design, activities that demonstrate we are both material AND SPIRITUAL creatures (what chimp produced anything except other chimps?). So we are compelled to postulate a Supreme Spirit to account for our existence and activities, the same Supreme Spirit we had to postulate to account for the design and complexity of the Universe. Moreover, this Supreme Spirit had to be personal and loving, since we have these characteristics, and no creature can be greater than its Creator.

It now seems undeniable that a bridge does indeed exist between Intelligent Design and Creation, and this bridge is a highway that can bring all science out of the mindless darkness of atheism into the light of Truth. Then the focus of science will be to find out How He Did It, instead of the anti-science of invoking  “laws” of chance. (Einstein: “God does not play dice with the Universe.”) Why has the Liberal Media come down on the side of atheism by demonizing scientists who reach the compelling conclusion that a Supreme Spiritual Being, God, is responsible for us and everything we observe? Is this not a breach of Media Ethics? Why fight the paradigm shift now underway instead of simply reporting it? Answer: Orwellian Ethics rule the Liberal Media.

A good way to report the Intelligent Design controversy that anyone can understand is to cite the methodology of forensic science. Suppose a dead body is found on the roadside. Three explanations exist. He died by accident, by processes controlled by physical laws, or he was murdered. A detective investigating the death may determine the man was struck by a car, find a witness who got the license number, and then trace the car to a drunken teenager whose license was suspended, who struck the man by accident, and sped from the scene to avoid prosecution. In that case, the death was an accident. The man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Suppose there are no marks on the body. The detective orders an autopsy that reveals the man died of a heart attack. In that case, the death resulted from known laws of physics that govern deterioration from heart disease. Suppose the body is full of bullet holes, and the detective uses forensics to trace the bullets to a gun owned by someone who was being blackmailed by the man, shot him, and dumped the body by the roadside. In this case, the dead body resulted from intelligent design by the murderer. Sorting out these possibilities and eliminating the ones that don’t fit is a legitimate scientific enterprise. It applies the rule that for some activity to be scientific, it must include eliminating false explanations. This is the scientific method and Intelligent Design is part of it. Ruling out that explanation beforehand may rule out the best explanation, leaving only false explanations. This is not science. Science arose from Scholastic Philosophy, whose greatest exponent was Thomas Aquinas. He proceeded by making the best possible case for an opposing viewpoint, then exposing its flaws, and finally replacing that viewpoint with one free from the flaws. This is the origin of the Scientific Method, and this is why scientists hold the degree Doctor of Philosophy, not Doctor of Science. Scholastic Philosophy not only upholds science, it also upholds theology. Hence, both science and theology share the same root so there can be no fundamental conflict. Doesn’t Ethics in Media demand pointing this out? Orwellian Ethics, on the other hand, demands that the Media take sides in this controversy instead of just reporting it fairly.Here’s another example. In November, Maine voters will decide by referendum whether to void a law enacted to give sodomy the same status as race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and medical handicaps as conditions protected against discrimination. It adds a specific kind of behavior to categories not based on behavior on the unproven grounds that homosexuality is genetic in origin and homosexual sodomy is a “natural” expression of human sexuality. The Media have adopted this viewpoint, and are now demonizing those who oppose it instead of reporting both viewpoints fairly. Nowhere do the Media report that sodomy is compulsive behavior among male homosexuals whenever it is readily available and anonymous, that it spreads deadly diseases that take decades off the lives of homosexual men (in sodomy-friendly places like San Francisco, homosexuals are dead at age 40 on average), and that male homosexuals are obsessed with youth and with sodomizing teenage boys. The Media were eager to expose this obsession among male homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood, but refused to broadcast the fact that teenage boys were targeted as the “receptive partners” of homosexual sodomy. Likewise, the Media refused to report that the Boy Scouts banned homosexual Scout Masters for the same reason, and instead jumped on a bandwagon to demonize the Boy Scouts. The Media also refuse to report that getting sodomy included as a “normal expression of human sexuality” in the sex education programs of public schools serves the goal of preparing teenage boys for being sodomized by  older male homosexual predators, many of whom are teachers in those schools. When the predators are Catholic priests, the Media report it (but not their homosexuality), but homosexual predators in public schools get a pass. Is not this an example of Media Orwellian Ethics?

Let’s move to abortion. The Media sometimes report that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, but never report that she admired Adolf Hitler and in a letter to Clarence Gamble, who bankrolled her “Negro Project,” cautioned to “not let the word get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population” and recommended finding “Negro preachers” who would carry out that agenda. Nor does it  report that Planned Parenthood’s “presitige award” is the “Maggie” given to those most effective in carrying out Sanger’s agenda, and that seventy percent of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Auschwitzes are located in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. The Media have never reported that every three months Planned Parenthood abortionists kill more Americans than were killed in all twelve years of the Vietnam War, and that every year Planned Parenthood gets nearly a half BILLION dollars from American taxpayers. Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics exposed Planned Parenthood as providing cover for adult male sexual predators who impregnate teen and pre-teen girls who phone or show up at Planned Parenthood to get abortions—often at the urging of the predator. When the Planned Parenthood counselor finds out that these girls were victims of statutory rape, they advise the girls to conceal the fact that an adult man got them pregnant, instead of reporting these encounters as required by Law in every state. Nor do the Media report that Planned Parenthood has refused to turn over these records to prosecutors in the few cases when District Attorneys find out and attempt to enforce laws against statutory rape. Nor have the Media reported the television “ad” by Planned Parenthood in California that recommends murdering pro-life Christians. Here is a major story of the kind that normally earns top Media awards for the reporter who exposes it. Why won’t Media reporters expose Planned Parenthood? Is this Media Orwellian Ethics at work?How about the link between abortion and breast cancer? The Media close ranks with those who profit from abortion and then from treating breast cancer, and deny angrily that such a link exists. This is Orwellian Ethics in the Liberal Media. Documenting that link is not difficult. All a reporter need do is check the web sites. There they will find Dr. Joel Brind and his breast cancer institute at Baruch College in the City University of New York. That website documents all the studies linking abortion to breast cancer, 29 so far, and exposes the deception and poor quality of studies that claim no such link exists. Dr. Brind has subjected to proper statistical analysis the same data used in these studies and shows how the data actually establish the link. The web site also presents the scientific cause for the linkage. At the moment of fertilization, powerful hormones are released that prepare the breasts for nursing the infant in nine months. That preparation begins with rapid growth of undifferentiated tissue in the breasts that becomes specialized to perform specific functions only during late stages of the pregnancy. An early abortion “freezes” this cellular tissue in its undifferentiated state, which is a pre-condition for breast cancer. Cancer is defined as rapid growth of undifferentiated tissue. This pre-cancerous condition is greatest in teenage girls who abort their first baby; since their breasts are usually under-developed and therefore undergo the greatest growth of undifferentiated tissue. In fact, abortion is the greatest predictor of breast cancer. In one study of women with a family history of breast cancer, EVERY ONE who aborted a child got breast cancer and DIED. Planned Parenthood conceals this information from girls and women coming in for abortions, as do the National Abortion Federation AND the American Cancer Society! In fact the whole medical profession participates in the cover-up. Instead, Planned Parenthood propagates the myth that abortion is “safer” than childbirth, just as the tobacco industry advertised cigarette smoking as “good” for our health. Why does the abortion industry get Media assistance in denying its cancer connection, when the tobacco industry didn’t? Here is a major scandal ripe for investigative reporting and the groundwork is already done. Ignoring it and participating in the cover-up an example of Orwellian Ethics practiced by the Liberal Media.

Why do the Liberal Media engage in Orwellian Ethics? It is because the Liberal Media have embraced the Culture of Death and have eagerly become its Ministry of Propaganda. But why? An old saying in the Catholic Church is, “All heresy begins below the belt.” The modern heresy replaces God with the Autonomous Male who sacrifices everything for the three second thrill of sexual orgasm. Mindless neo-Darwinian “evolution” provides an atheistic “theology” masquerading as “science” to justify his obsession. Dostoevski had Ivan Karamazov say, “Without God everything is permissible.” Terri Schiavo was murdered so her husband could have his three second thrill with another woman. One third of the college generation of Americans has been murdered so men could have their three second thrill without the responsibility of children. Every aborted woman who gets breast cancer can “thank” some man who had to have his three second thrill. Teenage boys are sodomized so homosexual men can have their three second thrill. Male media reporters slant stories on Intelligent Design, murder of handicapped women, abortion of babies, breast cancer, and sodomizing teenage boys so they can have their three second thrill without the responsibilities of fatherhood. God gave men their three second thrill as an incentive to keep the human race propagating. Male scientists developed the contraceptive-and-abortifacient pill to be used on women, with its many health hazards, not on men. So now Europeans and, increasingly, Americans are no longer having children. Let the human race follow Neanderthal Man into extinction. Who cares? Men still get their three second thrill and raising children is women’s work anyway. Right?Let’s trace this descent into oblivion. Not so long ago, a great Democrat named Hubert Humphrey said the purpose of politics was to look after “those at the dawn of life, those in the shadows of life, and those in the twilight of life.” Are these not unborn babies, handicapped people, and elderly people? Today the Democratic Party says, “Kill them all! Kill anyone who gets in your way!” It promotes killing the entire next generation of Americans by abortion, killing every Terri Schiavo in the land, and killing elderly people by using “Ethics Committees” in hospitals and nursing homes. There has been an historic link between the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party in America. This link is used to divide-and-conquer the Catholic Church, which is the one institution big enough and strong enough to overcome the Culture of Death. So we find pro-abortion “Catholics” Kennedy, Leahy, Biden, and Durban on the Senate Judiciary Committee insisting “No Catholics need apply!” for Federal judgeships if they take their Faith seriously. A “Catholic” like Justice Anthony Kennedy is acceptable. His ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey read like it had been plagiarized from the Humanist Manifesto and ghost-written by John Dewey from somewhere in the Infernal Regions. Nowhere in the ruling was any hint that Kennedy had been exposed to 2000 years of Church teaching.

We see this divide-and-conquer strategy at work inside the Catholic Church itself. You, Father McBrien, sanctioned the State-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo when you stated publicly, “If a feeding tube is the only way that a person in a vegetative state can be kept alive, that is clearly an example of extraordinary means,” in direct contradiction to what John Paul II stated. Is this why you give a wink and a nod to abortion? The “fetus” is “vegetative” and “its” umbilical cord is a “feeding tube.” Is this why Terri’s bishop, “Lynch Terri” Lynch, endorsed her murder and then left town until she was dead?Another example of divide-and-conquer inside the Church is right here in Maine. Bishop Malone, you announced the “Church” would neither support nor oppose the November referendum to prevent sodomy from getting the privileged status the State grants to prevent discrimination based on race, religion, and gender. One activist judge can rule this law requires Maine to sanction homosexual marriages, or to brand as “hate speech” citing Biblical condemnations of sodomy. Anyone who visits the website of Catholic homosexual priests who call themselves “Saint Sebastian’s Angels” as I did has a priestly penis ejaculate in his face and is greeted with “Fuck you, Asshole!” in bold letters. Then there is a parade of photos of naked priests and e-mail exchanges that wallow in self-pity and badmouth Cardinal Ratzinger (called “the Rat”), now Benedict XVI. I have to wonder if these priests have intimidated you into “neutrality” so that Paul Madore, a lay Catholic, has to carry the banner you refused. The law the referendum seeks to overturn exempts the Catholic Church from its penalties, so you look good to Rome, but what about a poor Catholic widow who has a rooming house and objects to sodomy in  the bedrooms where her children once slept? She is targeted by this law if she doesn’t rent to homosexual men. The Shepherd looks out for himself, but leaves his flock to the wolves.

Father Neuhaus, you are fond of citing Psalm 145: “Put not your trust in princes, in man, in whom there is no salvation.” Thank God there is one Prince whom we can trust, the Prince of Peace.

Viva Cristo Rey!


Terry Hughes

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