Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The “god” of Your Choice

You may be following the god of your choice
And giving some clout to your voice;
Might be the god of Joseph Smith
Or the “Allah” preached by Muhammad.
Might be V.P. Wierville’s “Way” god
(Another American invention.
Oh, we are innovative in the USA!).
Best, rather, to follow the Savior
Calling you to that holy behavior
Which you can never but savor
In this mortal life entrapped
Where we get here and there slapped
Around by the natural consequences.
We press on in Truth and sanctification
Separating Right and Wrong with fences,
Exposing the darkness with the Light
And equipping ourselves for the fight!
No, we can’t do it naturally;
Our nature is fallen – quite totally.

1437 on 22 March, 2023

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