Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Frustrating, Sanctifying Events

Can’t find the thing you need until
You go to the store and buy it;
Then you come home and find it!
So go the chores around the house
Or jobs around town.
It’s that “sanctification” thing!
The world seems to cooperate
With the Lord in His task
Of buggin’ us and makin’ us ask
“Why don’t things go smoothly?”
Yeah, He keeps things rough
To make us tough and change
Us from our wicked, selfish derange-
Ment with all its warped whining
About things that are meant to sanctify
Our nasty souls and make them whole,
Fit for the company of angels and saints!
So, relax, press on, and give Him thanks
That He is keeping you in the ranks,
Faithful to bug your nasty soul
And get you up on that eternal payroll.

1418 on 21 March, 2023

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