Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Ancient Angels

Yes, those angels have been around a long time.  Michael could tell much of what it was like way back in the day when that band of heaven-dwellers were up there hanging out for years (or whatever they called the measurement of time back then).  They must have had some entertainment with the Lord when there were no people and no earth to watch!  We can only imagine.

Do you suppose that the Almighty (the triune God, indeed!) had something for them to watch?

Well, if He (think, three) could keep them engaged and happy for all that time with no earth or people to watch, He must be quite the Entertainer!

And what did the Trinity do before angels were created?

Well, the Almighty – the Father, Son, and the Spirit – did not, and does not, need anyone.

I think, indeed, there will plenty of attractions in heaven!

13 March 2023

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