Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sometimes We Must Rest

2 Chron 29:21

Sometimes we must rest
And revel in our salvation
From earth to another station,
Where in that eternal location
We will reign forever with Him;
Where the redeemed: fat and slim,
Will abide forever in perfection;
No more in need or direction.
Done with bulls, rams, and lambs
He takes us out of all our jams.
The sacrificed One is risen and reigns:
King of the universe and of our hearts;
He gives all converts brand new starts.
Praise Him with cymbals, harps and lyres;
You can even bring on those trumpets!
Loud we’ll praise Him with lots of song
Turning away from all our wrong
We’ll be livin’ that dream on high
Way up above the sky
Right in the very presence of the Lord
In that place no one could afford.
No more of that foolish “gunaimanes”*
Time to follow the Lord in that race.

0945 on 18 Jan., 2022

*(Accent on the ultima) transliteration of a Greek word, meaning: “madness for women.”

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