Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Time Is a Grace

Time is a grace oft poorly stewarded;
Seems to many to have no end.
And so it is spent like inflated money
And gone from the profligate spender.
But tally time comes to all who breathe
When the last breath is exhaled
And the One who was nailed
To that tree and rose again
For every purchase ever made.
Time, indeed, will run out
And the Judge whom none may flout
Will call all to give an answer –
Not to sweet Dancer and Prancer,
Nor even to Santa Claus himself –
But to the One whose glory Santa
Sometimes shades, unwittingly of course.
Thank God for the time He has given!
Don’t waste a minute of it on regrets;
Press on with thanksgiving for forgiveness.
Walk in His power by His Spirit
Who lives and moves in His Church,
Yet unbounded by its walls.
Yes time is a very special grace
Keep a pace and stay in the race.

1630 on 3 Dec., 2021

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